Activision Reveals Call of Duty Plans

IGN writes: "No word on whether Infinity Ward, the developer of Call of Duty 1, 2, and 4 will develop the game. Up until recently the next Call of Duty was speculated to be developed by Treyarch, the developer responsible for Call of Duty 3, and was rumored to once again take place during WW II. The rumor surfaced when Treyarch looked for a new company position:

"Working experience with First-Person Shooter or Third-Person Shooter genres (console or PC). And if you're a fan of World War 2 shooters, then even better!"

The December job posting has since been taken down. IGN has contacted Activision for clarification, but so far no representative was available for comment. More on the story as it develops."

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permutated3817d ago

We can only hope Activision somehow overheard our pleas for NO MORE WWII GAMES.

Mikelarry3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

it would be thier loss if they turn a deaf ear to it. because cod4 is the very first cod series i have ever played and im sure there are other ppl like me who are new to the franchise as well, and if they go back to the ww2 crap then they have lost my business

bumnut3817d ago

but i can understand why a lot of people are tired of them.

i would not mind playing another dday landing scene if the game i am playing is well made and pushes the boundries for how realistic a game can be (graphics, physics, number of on screen characters, etc).

it is when they bring a game out every year with only minor improvements that people get bored. (imo)

TheD_R_E3817d ago

COD4 was my intro to the COD series as well and it truly gave me the respect of Infinity Ward as devs. While all the hype was focused on Halo last year, it was COD4 that came away with the best FPS on either platform yet. I honestly do hope that IW does the next game and conitunes to evolve on the modern day setting because there are still alot of bases of today's combat that still need to be covered. I also would love to see how they eveolve on the leveling system in multiplayer for their next installment. That alone has made COD4 the most addictive game for me in some years. Even with GTA out I still find myself hopping on COD4 even though i've done all the prestiges just because it's still fun.

BeaArthur3817d ago

Well at least there will always be CoD4.

Hagaf223816d ago

infinity ward shouldnt even be getting put in this situation, look at cod4 bar none the best of the series, and a game which has set the bar INSANELY high for shooters, yet treyarch is back for 5? it makes no since. I think iw should just make a new series of modern combat, maybe even call it- Duty Calls

IdleLeeSiuLung3816d ago

as a business model for Activision, they are releasing a game every year in the franchise like EA is doing with Madden etc...

12 months is hardly enough time to develop a game these days and people are easily pushed beyond 18 months. This is in some ways a good thing, as Infinity Wards get to develop the game with proper amount of time and we get a new (sometimes average) CoD version each year. Prices drop fast too, just look at CoD 4. If you don't like Treyarch's games don't buy them eventually it will hit their bottom lines.

jinn3816d ago

too early for another COD