GamingShogun Talks Cities XL with Patrick Marchal of Monte Cristo

From the interview:
"GS: I wanted to give you the opportunity to squash a rumor going around various Internet forums where some folks say you doctor your screenshots with image enhancement programs before releasing them. What would you say to that claim?
MC: YES we used Photoshop…. to include the CITIES XL logo on the screenshots =). More seriously, what you are seeing is coming straight from the game engine. Time will prove this to be true...

GS: As far as city-building goes, how does building placement work? Will it be a 'zone system' ala Sim City, direct building placement, or something else?
MC: The construction toolset is one of the most important aspects of a city builder game because you spend most of your time using them to build your city. Some players focus on making sure the overall economy of the city runs smoothly and love to sit back after defining zones and placing services to see how the simulation behaves. Other players focus in the visual aspect of their cities. They generally start with a good idea of what they want to achieve (a sprawling but visually appealing city, an industrial port, a business downtown, etc.) and they cautiously place every single building or road..."

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