Xbox 360 "Jasper" 65nm GPU in Production

Chip process evolution is a usual thing in a console's lifecycle, but rarely has it been as important as in the case of the Xbox 360.

Known for its relatively hardware fragility, the original design of the Xbox 360 would frequently fall to the "Red Ring of Death" failure, which Microsoft terms as the three flashing red lights. While improvements in cooling and a CPU die shrink to 65nm in the Falcon revision have surely improved the situation, the problematic GPU still sits with its 90nm process.

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alexM5376d ago

Give up MS

It is over for u in console war.

PS3 has surpassed x360 in LTD for EUROPE

GTA4 sold more on PS3 in europe

poos35376d ago

why was the poos station 3 ever made it is holding back games as alwyas just look at gta which to me was a great game but had nothin new and could barely run on my freinds ps3 and was a 630p rezzz and had crap framrate compared to my 360 version , any way i read at a lot of sites its been confirmed the ps3 version is running in 630prezz ,while the 360 version is running in true 720 hd what a joke that is right ps3 games cant even run games in hd anymore when games gets complexed (the only complex game on the ps3 is gta 4) it seems like the ps3 fails to handle it, i think that why all ps3 exclusive are cookie cutter tbh the just bore me ,today you guys will glimse at something i don't think the ps3 could achieve gears of war is a gem you don't under there is no next gen game and p.s i always thought the 360 +ps3 were a pile of crap compared to my pc and i have played thousands of games and the in terms of game there is no next gen "console" game that comes close to gears of war 1 when playing with the 360 console it feels godly the controls the strategy the maneuvers look beautiful that games gives u freedom (if you have skills ) to do what ever you want i would say its a new type of gameplay i have never seen in anygame not to mention when i 1st played gears of war 1 i hated it i didn't get why there was no weapon hud it felt hard but after 2 or 3 days ,this game is better that gta 4 and believe you me epic have put all there cookies into gears of war 2 this company is over a century old ppl forgot ut1 goty ut3 goty and now gears of war 1 which goty believe u me today sony fans will be amazed to see what the crappy 360 can do and believe you me it will overshadow everything after the gameplay footage is released remember gears of war 1 when it was shown good day

BIoodmask5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

really good news for future Xbox 360 purchasers. I have read previously that the main cause of the hardware failures was because the GPU didn't have proper ventilation and would heat up and detach from the motherboard. That is why Micro added the extra heatsink on the falcon model.

With this decrease in the GPU size it should reduce the amount of heat generated + the extra heatsink = decrease in hardware failure. Hopefully this will put an end to the problem for good except some minimal occurences.

ActionBastard5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

Microsoft has NEVER acknowledged the root cause of RROD. There are various theories behind it, but without confirmation, that's all they are...theories. There is one constant though, 360s RROD. Arcades, Pros, Elites and Halo editions. This will no doubt help prolong the life, however. An improvement is an improvement.

Charlie26885376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

@Action Bastard: EVERY single person that has ever bothered to understand the why and the how of the RROD knows that 99% of the RROD care caused by the GPU becoming loose from the mobo, knowing why it happened pretty much makes any "failure percentage" pointless since were are not talking about "faulty parts" or some minor problem in the assembly line in a specific batch of consoles were are talking about parts that were not correctly placed while designing the 360s hardware layout (GPU under DVD drive plus and initially very small heatsink) and a cooling system that was not properly tested to work under those conditions (low power fans, slow responce from the fans, a LOT of cooling "leaks", poor cooling distribution) so that makes pretty much every single non modded 360 succumb to the RROD eventually the recent internal changes pretty much extend the time before the 360 will eventually RROD (maybe not today or next week but since it HAS the problem it will eventually malfunction) and I use the word malfunction since since we are not talking about damaged parts or burned components we are talking about a simple and perfectly working GPU becoming loose (takes average PC building experience and 30 minutes plus the right tools to fix it, its actually VERY easy)

So basically if MS finds the right balance between a good cooling and support system (the X clamp) and parts that emit less heat (Jasper is the first step) were might not be talking about "reducing" the normal RROD but COMPLETELY eliminate it (under normal circumstances of course), right now Jasper is the first step in reducing the heat emanation of the problematic GPU (a 45nm one might almost guarantee to solve it) but also MS HAS to COMPLETELY redesign the ventilation system (better fans, faster espince time from the fans, bigger heat sinks and a good hermetically sealed ventilation tunnel...adding an extra internal fan to push air around might be a good idea too since the modd ones did help) if we are to expect any change beyond just adding some life before inevitable malfunction

my only advice to any current owners (specially if you are launch one) is to heavily consider use external cooling SPECIALLY AFTER the 360 has been turned off to help ventilate the trapped hot air (a good 12mm pro fan with external plug pulling cold air INTO the 360 thru the right honeycomb/vent will do that job, and do remember the for every hour you heavily play to cool it approx for 15min after being turned off) this will make you avoid the RROD for as LONG as possible so you will enjoy your games without so much Ninja Gaiden 2...coming next it XD

ruibing5376d ago

If they manage to really wipe out RRoD, I'll probably consider getting a 360 this christmas.

Off topic though, MS either has a problem with finding codenames or are good at poking fun at themselves. "Jasper" and "Valhalla" all relates to the dead or afterlife.

pwnmaster30005376d ago

wow im pissed off they should of fixed this in 07 do you kno how many consumers they ripped off by this encluding me

BIoodmask5376d ago

"Chip process evolution is a usual thing in a console’s lifecycle."

All consoles go through this process. That is why late in a consoles lifecycle there is usually a smaller rendition of the connsole. A good example is the smaller PS2 that is being sold today as compared to the original PS2 model.

Amanosenpai5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

Not solving a "badass"(i mean, its not a simple feature problem) hardware problem after like 3 or 4 generations of Xbox 360, tons of repairs, tons of pi$$ed off customers, and a great amount of wasted $...

Is just dumb... anyway, this is a good new for xbox 720 users... right???

Muff1nB4k3r5376d ago

You've got a good point bloodmask, however, correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't the ps3 already reached the 45nm process?

back on topic:

I eagerly await the increasing level of reliability in the xbox 360

Ureval5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

Alex go to sleep. Its past your bedtime.

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