EA buys Shawn Fanning's Rupture for $30 million

"It seems that the founder of Napster may have finally cashed in big time on one of his creations.

"That certainly makes sense, and especially so given the success of connected systems like Microsoft's Xbox Live." writes Daniel Terdiman.

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v1c1ous3909d ago

are you guys thinking of making your own console?

CadDad3909d ago

They purchased Mythic Entertainment last year or the year before. Mythic made Dark Age of Camelot and is well on it's way to making Warhammer Online.

It probably makes good business sense, considering that in-game chat//interation is a hot commodity in the MMO world.


gambare3909d ago

And I thought the incursion of Microsoft to the console wars was something bad, now THIS is bad.

permutated3909d ago

As though Activision (a much larger company) is somehow not as evil.

EA gets too much sh!t. People should just lay off and get a life.