XBox packed into Microsoft Surface?

Stefano Baraldi reports:

''While i was attending CHI 2008 there was also a Microsoft booth, as premium sponsors of the conference.
No, the table was not there, but there was crew from the Surface team. Some talks, lot of listening and rumors around the corner, i had new insights on where is Surface heading.''

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Harry1903908d ago

for rich people though.

jaja14343908d ago

I see it, for the time being, mostly used for restaurants, interactive maps or any other commercial use.

crimsonfox3908d ago

about surface i have a video of it on my psp i didnt think of it being tied to 360 cool though

nimrod3908d ago

I wonder if it also gets the RROD

Saint Sony3908d ago

It will get RROD and all the best games on the market and people will buy it like hot cakes.

krakdol3908d ago

@3.1 The best FPS on the market only, and only dumbass will buy it (people who vote twice for Bush)

AngryXbot3908d ago

The xbox 360 is NOT futureproof.

Do you not know the meaning of this sentence? Or too stupid to really grasp what that sentence means?

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