5 Reasons Mass Effect PC Isn't a Lazy Port - GameTap

The fine fellows at BioWare dislike the word "port." It implies a lazy platform transition, where a console game still uses terrible textures for the PC version and also keeps referring to the Square or Circle buttons even though no such things exist on a PC keyboard. BioWare prefers to call the PC version of Mass Effect a "conversion", where the developers took comments and feedback from both users and media, and provide an optimized, and improved, version of the original experience.

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jaja14343814d ago

Lazy no, but a direct kick between the legs are far as DRM goes, yes, very much so yes, ohh God of all that is holy yes!!!

Really who ever thought of the 10 day thing needs to be seriously hurt...preferable with lots and lots of tiny nerf balls.

bumnut3814d ago

mass efect was boring anyway,

the citadel home to 5 billion people, but you can only talk to 5.

not enough people or places to interact with for my tastes

brothersimon3814d ago

Well it wouldnt be a crappy port. Since it's a great epic 360 game and not some crappy droidstation 3 game like... what, golf? lul.. lair.. haha haze. XD