Next-Gen Coming in 2010

Evan Wilson of Pacific Crests Securities predicts that the Next-Gen consoles and portable systems are coming in 2010. He says the Nintendo Console will come first, then the Xbox 720. He has no word on the PS4. He also says that new DS and PSP systems will also be coming in 2010. He didn't say whether they're new systems or just redesigns.

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Breakfast3818d ago

That new angus burger at McDonalds looks so fake...

Breakfast3818d ago

Im gonna give it a go tomorrow...and if theyre not good, ill laugh and say the habs are out of the we gotta deal?

Surfman3818d ago

yeah they're out, but next season they'll still finish first and then go into the final ;)

legendkilla3817d ago

need more Canadian boys on there team! Canadains FTW

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BlackIceJoe3818d ago

I too think the next version of the PSP and DS will come out in 2010. But I do not think the next version of the Xbox will come out then I think maybe 2011.

Tomdc3817d ago

it would be stupid to do it to early because it would annoy gamers greatly having a new model in so soon. Playstation space it out nicely I believe.

Finch3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

2010 ain't really to early for a new xbox. It will have been out for 5 years by than. 5 years is right on the money if not 6 years. For the PS3 and Wii it might be early. Mostly the Wii, but not for xbox brand. I still believe maybe the 2011 mark for new consoles. Yet 2010 for a new Xbox might be right. You got to remember this gens race has been going on since 2005 and it didn't start like Sony said it would! The other two systems where late this gen maken a 2010 seem early when really it aint. Don't forget in the past every console lives a 5 to 6 year life and that comes around in 2010!

toughNAME3818d ago

I would like a new xbox by '09

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Homicide3818d ago

This is no way Nintendo's next console will come out in 2010. The Wii has been selling incredible as of late.

jtucker783818d ago

That's true.

Much as I'd like a gorgeous, atmospheric and immersive next gen Zelda with Dolby Digital sound and voice acting, I think the next Zelda will be released this generation as the Wii is selling too well.


PoSTedUP3818d ago

i haven't had enough of this generation! what is going on here! this is bull sh!t, let alone a bad idea. i hope the ps4 dosent come out untill like 6 years from now, im putting way too much money in this sh!t for it to just sh!t on me like this. and for me to start saving up for and even more expensive sony console than the previous 1, its ludacris! (and no im not takeing this very well)

Max Power3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

if you believe that sony is going to come out with a new system anytime soon then your an idiot. so feel free to spend your cash on booze and video games for several more years (i say about 5) and you'll be sitting pretty.

Voiceofreason3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

FYI it is "You're an idiot" or "You are an idiot.Your is the wrong word to be using and it is funny to see someone who cant even use words the proper way to call someone else an idiot.. ."

Bubble Buddy3817d ago

bubble for u voiceofreason :)