New PS3 "What You Need" Trailer

What happens when you lose your grip on reality?

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TheEndzor3910d ago

Shows just some of the features of PS3

BTW the video shows how the interface of Playstion 6 will be :)

acetw1n3910d ago

What da hell was that!

resistance1003910d ago

A bit random, but it does its job

ruibing3909d ago

It definitely is catchy. It really makes the PS3 seem highly interactive and shows a lot of the features of the PS3 that most consumers don't know. I only wonder whether shorter (10 sec) versions of this commercial can get the point out just as well.

djocelot3910d ago

i thought it was pretty cool. it should show off some more exclusives though

PoSTedUP3910d ago

should of shown the ps eye games (pretty wild sh!t)

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The story is too old to be commented.