Greenburg: '360 Will Extend Lead Over PS3 in '08'

Destructoid was able to secure an exclusive interview with Aaron Greenberg, Group Product Manager for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. He gave them his thoughts on GTA IV's performance at the cash register and online, along with some perspective and confidence regarding the console wars.

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Clinton5143912d ago

Actions speak louder than words. See you at the end of the year.

Niko Bellic3912d ago

Yes, Greenburg is fool. Damn analysts.

Odonnus3912d ago

I love how you type just like Niko talks :D but yeah i agree he is either a fool, or he knows something noone else does.

justgamez3912d ago

Someone needs to tell Greenberg it's puff, puff, pass. He obviously isn't passing and puffing WAY too much.

Amanosenpai3912d ago

You better start working on your curriculum cause you will need it soon ^^

BulletToothtony3911d ago

He actually didn't answer the question.. all he did was point back at the delays the sony and other developers have made in order to make a better console and better games.

That is his freaking answer??!?!... hello he wasn't asking him what has sony done wrong... he asked you what is your plan to fight back..

OBVIOUSLY he sadly had nothing to say about that.. i guess there isn't a big plan is it...??

permutated3911d ago

Who cares guys, honestly?

I don't really see fanboys as gamers, you guys should get yourselves together.

gaffyh3911d ago

That guy is delusional, Sony already said they ahve been outselling the 360 since October 07 in Europe, and Sony always outsells 360 in Japan. There is a possibility of an increase in 360 sales in US, but I don't see that happening again this year, their are no great games coming out, I can only think of NG2.

Mr Marbles3911d ago

He got it right with that last response, Sony has been leading the world on for a long time, why don't any of you comment on that, you all just ignore reality and pretend Sony is god and this guy is just some stupid fanboy, no, he is the competition that Kaz claims does not exist, and he just owned Sony with that last response.

JBaby3433911d ago

Because so far in 2008 360 has been winning in sales each and every month. See if this guy has the balls to say something at the end of the year. MS will extend the lead even farther in 2009 right? PS3 will just keep building steam.

Drekken3911d ago

funny, mr.marbles talks like he has none.

gaffyh3911d ago

WTF is Mr. Marbles talking about??? This is the guys last statement:

"The days of Sony snowing the consumers and the press are over, I think the pressure is now really on them more than ever to deliver on all of these promises."

That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard, this guy is meant to be a professional and he is crying like a baby. What are the promises that Sony haven't delivered? It takes time to get everything out of a powerful system. It's the same with the 360 we've only seen a small amount of what both consoles can do, only difference is the PS3 will see greater graphical advances in the future than the 360.

No matter what this guy (who looks like an Orc to me) says, PS3 is gaining momentum, it is catching up to 360 in total sales which is a fact.

I think it's pathetic that an MS representative tries to take the piss out of another console, when Sony and Nintendo never do that so explicitly.

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niall773912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

this microsoft guy seems to be stuck in 2005 with is anti-PS3 rant.

He should Focus on the 360s positives this year( and by positive I mean gears2) instead of trying to bring up 2 year old fanboy talk of "wheres teh 1080p at 120millionFPS"

resistance1003912d ago

They didn't last year, they have been beat everymonth worldwide so far, they have few major system sellers.

I would like to see this happen

pwnmaster30003912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

haha wow
"5-million-unit console sales lead"

se that 360 fans is not 7 million lead or 8 million lead is 5 million lead. wow the gap closed by more then i suspected

"Then three years ago at E3 they showed what PS3 games would supposedly look like with the Killzone 2 video"

have this guy seen the video of killzone 2 there like almost the same

"didn’t Sony promise all of this last year including Home as well"
you kno were is alan wake and too human

ay weres the other games oh yeah i forgot you guys dont have any
and beside wen was 360 release yeah 05 is now wat and and wen was ps3 release yeah is like the same waiting of all the exclusive 360 games coming out this year

you guys wait 3 years and so do we so wat is all the 360 fans sayin

GUNS N SWORDS3912d ago

it's ben 4 years since it's annoucement, last i heard of the game it had a 09 stamped on it, along with home and kill zone 2.

Homicide3912d ago

Greenburg is just upset that MS has thrown everything they could, and it's losing momentum now.

Fallen_Angel3911d ago

Are you really saying that 360 owner had to wait for 3 year for games ? The 360 has fairly long list of great exclusive already Kameo was a launch title, GoW a year later, Bioshock , Mass Effect and Halo 3 with in 2 years. That only a few that are out already. by the end of the year NG2, Too Human, Fable 2, Alan Wake, GoW2 and Banjo-Kazooie 3.

In the end game systems need games and all sony is doing right now sliding by on the ps name.

gaffyh3911d ago

I don't think GeOW2 (yes not GOW2 - that's God Of War 2) is coming out this year, and I think Alan wake has been pushed back too.

Everyone keeps talking about Too Human and Fable 2, which I will probably get, but I know nothing about them just that they are high profile games. Looking forward to NG2 though.

Ace Ventura3911d ago

PS3 is 5 million behind that means it obviously almost or already in the 4 millions... PS3 is winning by 200,000 and ever 200,000 a month. Catching up very quick.

PS3 will win by more than that this month.

MGS4 will see the PS3 outselling the 360 by tons. It's will also gather more momentum.

There's the GTA 4 bundle right now and GT5:P bundle still in Europe.

There will be a price cut this year.

PS3 will be ahead by next year. It's going to happen.

robbo9183911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Are you delusional? Where do you have any proof that Alan Wake or Too Human will be coming out this year? Too Human is in a legal battle and Alan Wake you have been and will continue to be waiting for, so don't talk about delays on other consoles when they happen on all consoles. Banjo doesn't have a release date either yet so there went your half of your list of "games coming this year".

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Anything but Cute3912d ago

the harder you fall. So it's better not to say sh*t.