Kaz Hirai: PlayStation 4 planned 10 years ahead of release

VGB writes: In a recent interview Sony Computer Entertainment President Kaz Hirai was asked about the PlayStation 4 and future Sony hardware always being planned / developed far ahead and how he feels about always thinking for what comes next despite Sony's planned ten-year life cycle for the PlayStation 3. While it may seem obvious that if the PS3 sells well, there will be a PS4, it's an interesting behind-the-scenes view.

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vloeistof3868d ago

ps4 hope it will not have a extreem high price

Daver3868d ago

stop being cheap...

i think around 500$ is the right price for a good console

odisho683868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

if you consider how much it costs to update your PC 500 - 600 bucks seems pretty fair especially considering what is going to be included with the ps4 in the future

another thing...people should be more concerned with how much games are gonna cost during that generation idk about every1 else but i'm not about to pay full price for an 80 dollar version of madden every year

wow4u3868d ago

Of *course* they are planning the next consoles. I think there is no way they can wait 10 years before it is released. The console life cycle has never been that long in the 30 years of home-console gaming, its not going to suddenly just stop advancing.

odisho683868d ago

just because the life cycle is going to be 10 years doesn't mean it's going to stop advancing you have to look at the bigger picture here...when sony is saying 10 year life cycle they mean that the ps4 will come out at probably the 8th year of the ps3 and the ps3 will last for 2 more years and eventually stop producing and give way to the ps4, the ps4 will for sure be coming out after has to give time for the ps3 to win this generation, which it might if the wii slows down, i'm not even going to start with the xbox, its exclusive games list has diminished drastically especially compared to that of sony which is probably going to have 2008 2009 and 2010 be the year of the ps3

Homicide3868d ago

I do believe the PS3 can have a 10 year lifespan. The PS2 is almost at 10 years. They could release the PS4, and still support the PS3 for a few more years after the PS4 release.

highps33868d ago

This generation is frigin ridiculous. Jaggies Jaggies everywhere.... When the games actually released.... Yawn... Atleast theres a few titles...

Amanosenpai3868d ago

"This generation is frigin ridiculous. Jaggies Jaggies everywhere...." }

Man, u have a PROBLEM with standards, for real.

Denzelio3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

You can never stop every game on every system from being terrible, however atleast the PlayStation brand hardware has always been value for money, like the PS4 when it comes out eventually whatever is included will be worth the price.

What you should be asking is - Is this system worth the price I am paying for it, If I cannot use it solely for games does it still have other benefits like Storage space & Media interactivity(photos/music/mov ies).
The PlayStation 3 has always been worth it's price as it has always mirrored the price of other Blu-ray players, As well as being the best value Blu-ray player (as it has a HDD & is updated regularly). I for one cannot see myself ever being disappointed with the next PS4 and what ever the price it will be worth it, In more ways then just playing games.

Bathyj3868d ago

Sounds like you've been playing Lego Forza and Lego Halo.

Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet, Resistance, GT5P (except in the title screens) and Motorstorm dont have any jaggies, but then that why people like comparing 3rd party titles, not 1st party titles.

PLiPhaze3868d ago

Nail on the head mate People this generation while still dizzy from PS3 bashing have confused expensive with overpriced, the later meaning we were paying more than the console was worth, which was not possible at launch as we were paying an estimated half price!!

Shadow Flare3867d ago

LOL games this generation have jaggies

This generation = FAIL


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Nitrowolf23868d ago

i just hope that they are prepared when it is released.
go to have the games and the latest feature for the system.
I hope when it comes out that they have something good with it.

OOG3868d ago

i see they have a time machine now for the technology available in ten years....

Mozilla893868d ago

Thats why companies have to take risks and be innovative. We didnt know that having standard hard drives, HD, and blu ray were gonna be so important this generation but sony took the chance and put those things in and now we cant think of the PS3 existing without them. If they wait ten years and then make a console it will be outdated by the time they release it.

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