5 Flaws That Grand Theft Auto IV Suffers From

Let's face it, Grand Theft Auto IV is arguably the best game ever released. Since it's April 29th release it has sold over 6 million units worldwide and has made more then $500 million in the first week. But even though the game has shattered Entertainment records and has became one of the best games ever, there are still some flaws. This feature is to describe the subtle flaws that many gamers experience but often get to deep in the game to care about.

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Mighty Boom3819d ago


They could have done a better job with the audio. Sometimes its hard to hear people talk on the phone when your in the car.

masterg3819d ago

OMG... I would have given the audio a 1000 out of 10 if possible.
It is the best audio I have ever heard in a game.
People can just adjust the settings if they have trouble hearing what people say.

princejb1343819d ago

gta4 is overhyped got boring real quick
i still think vice city was the best gta so far follow by 3 than san andreas

Asurastrike3819d ago

Most of these are dead on. Take .1 off it's 10/10 score. :P

The game is great, these are all minor flaws.

The Closing3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

If by best they mean undeservingly hyped last gen type game then yes I agree.

bumnut3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

At least someone had the balls to say what we were all thinking.

Can't believe you didn't get disagrees from those swept along by the hype.

This game is a step forward visually, but a huge leap backwards in content.

I actually enjoyed saints row better than gta4, you had more freedom and you could rob any shop you wanted.

DarkArcani3819d ago

I feel it is a more refined version than any of the other GTA games. The game is now how I expect a GTA game to "feel" instead of look. Also, half the things you could do in the previous games, like rob a store, you really wont do over and over again anyway. Why rob a store(which if you want, you can rob the [email protected]) for a few hundred, when you can do a drug deal for a few thousand.

Certain things like delivering pizzas, don't really fit Niko's personality anyway. The only thing I would have enjoyed more would be the ability to rob banks.

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The story is too old to be commented.