Rumor: Possible GTA 4 Sequel (DLC) revealed?

At Story Gang thing on the Social Club website you can click and drag the things, member of GTA4.NET found plane ticket for Mr Niko Bellic from Libert City to San Andreas. Could that be possible sequel with Niko?

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Niko Bellic3867d ago

Whatever they do, i am hoping that they keep the same charecter.

sonarus3867d ago

DLC is your own speculation. You are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Rockstar has clued you in on extra missions. Msoft has told you its episodic content.

Personally if they plan to revisit San Andreas, i hope they do it as DLC. Next GTA sequel better be a new city and a new character. No miami no san andreas. Just do something new.

gogators3867d ago

so he can bust some heads in his homeland.

gamesR4fun3867d ago

Anew city or even an old one redone would b something...
doubt its going to be anything more than some new missions and maybe a few new characters cars and stuff...

Rockstar said it would be releasing the 360 epesodes in mission packs...
kinda doesnt sound like a new city to me... especially when he said it would be in the same world...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3867d ago

Microsoft comfirmed it was episodic content on day one, that Rockstar "missions" quote is from an interview, and was taken out of context with no confirmation from ether Rockstar, or Microsoft. So untill there is official word from Rockstar or Microsoft, it stays confirmed as episodic content. Episodic content had never been denied by any party and has already been confirmed at E3 (by both) So try all you want sonarus but you can't spin this torward Sony in any way, it has nothing to do with them. This is an Xbox exclusive "episodic" DLC, and Sony isn't getting it, no matter how many fancy dance moves your try.

Sorry dude GTA IC episodic content is to the Xbox brand, as Gears of War, Halo, Ninja Gaiden, Fable, Forza, Mass Effect, Alan Wake, and Left 4 Dead is to the Xbox and PC. If you want those games, buy an expensive PC or buy an Xbox 360, because your not getting this on the PS3. Sorry dude, but untill MS or Rockstar say otherwise, it stays "episodic" no matter how jealous you get.

BUKKAKALYPSE3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

jason, do you ever get tired of being right?

Cwalat3866d ago

will never happen as DLC,
lol San Andreas as downloadable content, which world are you living in?

how much space would that take ?

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niall773867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

but since RS gone out and said the DLC WONT be a new city?

its prolly just a little easter egg, I wouldnt read to much into it.

dcbronco3867d ago

technically, San Andreas would not be a new city.

MasterChief28293867d ago

When did they say that? And it could be a next-gen version of the old city, not a new city. I'm not saying it will, just putting the thought out there.

Fallen_Angel3867d ago

RS never said it wont be a new city in fact its been hint that it at least one of them will be a new city. Hell its not like the 360 team didnt have time to work on one while the ps3 team was trying to finish up the ps3 version.

wow4u3866d ago

When the heck did they say that? You're talking without any evidence.

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Anything but Cute3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

I don't think I can take another GTA IV: Vice City and GTA IV: San Andreas.

I've having trouble beating GTA IV, as it is. Game gets older 1 billion times faster than GTA III.

I'm sick of Borat/Niko of all trades.

Helping out the police, helping out some Irish brothers, helping out the mob, helping out hoods, taking down hoods. He does it all.

GTA IV doesn't meet expectations, I can't believe it but I'm actually selling it off just like another one of those average games.

Last generations best have been Disappointing now because they feel old already. Not enough change from last gen.

Anything but Cute3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

"you're leaving here with ROMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

How many times did you say that retarded line during that one mission?

And also, you didn't feel any grudge to kill that B*tch who used you?

That's right, your first Liberty City gilfriend Michelle turned out to be working for the goverment, and you just took it up the ass.

Maybe because you don't have balls, you Borat wannabe, you sellout.

No drama in your game, it's boring as hell. People will be over this game in a month.

Jack Meahoffer3867d ago

Its the best open world game ever created. You can't dispute that so STFU. Name a better open world game.

All of your comments are negative about something. All you do is complain an whine. WAAAAH!

Niko Bellic3867d ago

well im sorry, if you ever go into building full of men with guns, be my guest to create unique witty dialect.

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smokeymicpot3867d ago

I rather him go to vice city but what ever it's still good. But if they continue with his story how will continue with the double endings

flambeau3867d ago

It would kick ass if they actually brought a character back for once to continue the story.

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