House overwhelmingly passes controversial PRO-IP Act

The House of Representatives has approved the Pro-IP Act, a controversial legislative proposal that aims to impose stricter penalties for copyright infringement. The bill, which has strong support from the content industry, passed by a vote of 410 to 10.

MPAA chairman Dan Glickman applauded the House for passing the bill and expresses hope that it will move just as quickly through the Senate.

"We applaud the members of the House of Representatives for passing the PRO-IP Act, H.R. 4279. It is a comprehensive, bipartisan measure that will strengthen our nation's economy and generate more jobs for American workers by bolstering protections for intellectual property," Glickman said in a statement. "Given the difficult economic times we face, the PRO-IP Act is welcome by both the business and labor communities because it can improve our nation's economic outlook. I hope the Senate will move quickly to pass similar legislation."

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Silver3603815d ago

And in the end,kill the word of mouth that drives sales.Not everyone is a pirate, but getting caught out there after buying a crappy CD, Movie or Game is something we have all experienced. What about consumer rights to get their money back after buying some crap that was advertised to be something entirely different, you advertised to be good entertainment.

gamesR4fun3815d ago

Special interest own your government and by extensions you.

Snall3815d ago

"your" government? All governments. Duh, we're humans...

gamesR4fun3814d ago

most governments especially western democracies m8

Fact is lobbyist have more to do with shaping policies than the majority.