Why Simon Belmont, Ryu Hayabusa, And 8 Others Should Be In The New Smash Bros.

Speculation about possible guest fighters in Nintendo’s new brawler.

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JeffGrubb3301d ago

I know that there's no way we get all of these guys, but it would definitely help sell a ton more SSB games.

wita3301d ago

This would be so much better than seeing the same fighters over and over again.

Raistlinhawke3301d ago

No one should have to be convinced that the Battle Toads or Goemon would be a great addition to any fighting game.

stragomccloud3301d ago

Well Simon for sure. Mario, Sonic, Megaman, and a Belmont? That's any old school gamer's dream!

BosSSyndrome3301d ago

Simon but not THAT Simon. Where's the real man Simon? If you're gonna put in a Castlevania character with that more feminine style, do one that looked like that from the beginning, like Soma, or Charlotte.

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