IGN: GRID Preview

Since Codemasters announced its new racing game late last year, IGN have only gotten a few brief looks at the title -- once during a developer demo and again in a hands-on with a select number of tracks and cars. And although they have liked what they have seen so far, the meat of the game has been locked away from their prying eyes.

That all changed this week when the British studio popped the bonnet on the U.S. portion of Grid's career mode for them, giving IGN free reign to create a racing team, earn some money and rep and make their way toward racing stardom.

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Silenced3908d ago

Damn that looks wicked...Bring on the Full version

Asurastrike3908d ago

Everything I hated about DiRT I hate about GRID.

DomUltra3908d ago

Can they honestly call this a new IP, I mean, it's basically DiRT with Tuner Cars, and all of a sudden they had the balls to call this a sim? Come on man, it plays like an Arcade game to boot, the demo is GOD awful. They gotta be retarded if they think this is in the same league at GT5.