PS3 to be Patched on Day One

Sony Computer Entertainment is not hanging around with the PS3 updates. From day one, anyone connecting their shiny new PlayStation 3 to the Internet will be invited to download a system software update to version 1.10. The update will unlock all services on PlayStation Network for customers to get stuck into from 7am (JST) on November 11.
Another update is planned for late November, and will include a version update for PSP, with enhanced security features and improvements in the way the PSP can connect with the PS3. This will also include the ability to download PSP-specific games from PlayStation Store on the PS3, and transfer them to the PSP. It will also unlock the "remote play" feature that allows users to control the PS3 via their PSP remotely. This does not work with PS3s that are not fitted with the Wireless LAN adaptor, however. The update will bring the PSP system software version number up to 3.00.

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Deceased4452d ago

Their worse than microsoft about patches, LOL. As much time as they have had to ready this for market it is a shame they have to update on day one.

Arkham4452d ago

Stop yer spamming, boy.

THWIP4452d ago

Why would you ANNOUNCE that your overpriced console, will REQUIRE a patch, ON DAY 1? That's the about the dumbest thing I think they've done yet. ??? "We just want everyone to know, that we realize we are shipping a buggy piece of crap....but we're on top of it". :|

Boink4452d ago

I have nothing to say about one of the worst launches EVER.

BIadestarX4452d ago

Ok, Sony fanboys, now that the PS3 does patching too(even the first day) and you can't use this against the xbox 360. NEXT!

PS360WII4452d ago

Gears of War the most talked about game. On the very first day I got it (7th ^^) I had to update that game... sooo what's the bad news here?

Silver Bull3t4452d ago

that they didn't improve any game functionality... it's mostly to enable you to purchase PSP dloads.

I'm happy M$ has GAME RELEVANT patches available day 1...

THWIP4452d ago

The update had nothing to do with the game. MS had just completed the fall update, around the time Gears was being published; it likely had to do with that.

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