Europe's Senran Kagura boxart is 100% boobs - out in Feb

MAQL have revealed the boxart for Senran Kagura: Burst (3DS) in Europe - and it's sure to raise a few eyebrows / give mums a heart attack. It's also been dated for the 28th of February.

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DaveyB3603d ago

I think this might be the FINEST boxart I have EVER seen!


(I reckon MAQL are trollin')


Am_Ryder3602d ago

I'm a feminist, and this is totally fine.

Except for the fact that there should be a female-aimed equivalent, where the boxart is just a close up of a guy's package bulging through his jeans.

Detoxx3602d ago

What makes you think womens are any better then men?

minimur123602d ago

What's the box art in Japan?

wheresmymonkey3602d ago

no just no. Mens junk is not pleasing to the eye at all. Boobs on the otherhand. Hwo doesn't like seeing a nice pair of lady lumps.

Double_O_Revan3601d ago

You know, there's something, can't put my finger on it, but something tells me this game is going to be Great!

Agent_hitman3602d ago

Oooohhh!! Yeaaaahhhh!.. Another JRPG with boob tube

DCfan3602d ago

Its not even a JRPG. Go troll somewhere else.

blackstrr4113602d ago

Hahahahah. Japanese are *Eros. Wow. I want to buy a 3Ds now

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Censorship In Gaming - Where Is The Line?

SXO: I recently got a chance to review Senran Kagura Burst on the PS4 which some of you may only be familiar with due to the stir it created among the fanbase...

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isarai1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

No reason it shouldn't be the same line as every other entertainment medium out there. Problem is there are still higher ups out there with this old stigmatic mindset that video games are just kids toys. I don't get pissed about censorship because i want to see T&A, i get pissed because every time something gets censored in a game that wouldn't be censored otherwise on any other medium, it's a step back away from games being a respected art form. Stifling creativity in general and keeping games back from what they can truly become and express.

Tankbusta401775d ago

Kids these days are probably exposed to everything as soon as they get their smartphone or Ipad. I really don't know why anyone feels the need to censor anything...that's the job of responsible parents(if they choose to parent that way).

blackblades1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I was exposed in 5th grade when searching for Dragon ball z pictures on the internet. Some how ended up on some dbzxxx on accident. They have that content on movies, TV series, Netflix, woman wearing leggings in the store etc... its everywhere. I still wanna know the actual censorship document for the full extent of it from sony.

fiveby91775d ago

I agree it is the job of parents to mind what their kids are consuming. But a rating of 'M' is useful for parent's who don't game. as the OP said above, publishers want to avoid an 'M' rating as they think all games are for kids. It would be nice if studios made the game they want, publishers marketed it with an 'M' is necessary, and adults could buy it without restriction. The problem is, publishers, don't want to restrict their market by limiting a large group from purchasing if their parent's wouldn't buy a Mature rated game. So publishers tell their studios to censor the content. It sux. I agree. But use the rating system and no censorship is necessary.

SlagWolf1775d ago

You nailed it. Most gamers now are in there 30s ,have disposable income , and would like some more mature themed games.

Tetsujin1775d ago

It's still the job of the parents to decide what is/n't appropriate for their household, not the entertainment industry. Video game companies have a rating system for a reason; use it. All censorship does is make the lazy/stupid even worse to the point where anything can be considered bad/inappropriate, and freedom of expression will be a myth instead of a right.

Instead of censorship, educate and let the public decide on their own. Playing parent does nothing but make things worse.

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gamer78041775d ago

Wherever Sony wants it drawn apparently....

JackBNimble1775d ago

It's also "Sony's" platform and they do have the right to choose whether or not they want to allow certain content on "their " platform.

gamer78041775d ago

Yup it's their right, they can do whatever they want regardless if it's not for the players.

rainslacker1775d ago

Their right sure. Can't argue that.

But there is the ethical discussion on if they should censor. It's also worth questioning their motives for censorship, and if that holds moral or ethical grounds, or is it trying to cater to something that goes against what the user base wants because it is caused by an outside influence.

Then of course, the whole discussion on how it seems to be applied unevenly across the games released on the system. Like they didn't say that R* had to remove the nudity or sex from RDR2. If they had, and had R* said something, the sh*t storm that would come from that would be actually damaging to them. As it is, it's against games that not enough people play to get worked up over. But even the SJW media can't justify it against a game that people care about in the tens of millions.