Tony Hawk goes DS exclusive for 2008

DZ writes "Activision has revealed Tony Hawk will not be coming to consoles later this year, and will instead be taking a break from those platforms until fiscal 2010 (which starts April 2009). There will however be an exclusive Tony Hawk game coming to the DS later on in 2008, which Activision comment will utilize new technology not yet seen on the DS."

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BilI Gates3812d ago

I don't think anyone cares.

HelloBabe693812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

well you should care. Tony Hawk has been made a huge impact on gaming, especially on PS1 and PS2. It's sad to see these games get so old and do not so good anymore. I loved the Tony Hawk games, and still do!

RecSpec3812d ago

Tony Hawk is the same as Madden, sad, but true.

niall773812d ago

gives them a year to go back and try something diffrent with the game.

Tony hawks games where dieing a slow death and now that Skate has come and taken its place I guess they finally see the needed to go back and redesign the gameplay

Skerj3812d ago

That's more than likely what they're doing to the console versions for next year. No "Madden" development for them anymore I suppose.

lodossrage3812d ago

One of the few games EA got right

Enigma_20993812d ago

... because I love the Tony Hawk series, despite the inclusion of Bam Magera... but i think you're right...

Wildarmsjecht3812d ago

Good. Give the DS whatever form of stylus crap and actually work on a new refreshing console variation. Tony Hawk fell off after 3 imo, and it needs to get back there.

nbsmatambo3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

when skate came out i think every1 stop caring about Tony Hawk

and if they r serious about rebuilding it from the ground up, it better not suck >.<, cuz they have 2 years

vasilisk3812d ago

agreed skate is light years ahead...
tony hawk is dead for now and i don't think anyone cares anymore...

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The story is too old to be commented.