40 million PS2s sold across Europe

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that 40 million PlayStation 2 consoles have been sold across Europe and PAL territories.

The 40 million units sold not only makes the PlayStation 2 the most popular console in Europe, but it also surpasses the 39 million units its predecessor managed to sell. There also appears to be plenty of life left in the PlayStation 2 as it's still getting strong support from the industry's major publishers.

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THWIP4457d ago that for every PS2 they've sold over the past year, they've lost a potential PS3 sale. The fact that the PS2 has outsold the 360 since launch, is actually a GOOD thing for MS.

BIadestarX4457d ago

How else do you want them to try to reduce those red diggits? If they wouldn't be selling PS2; things would look a lot worst than what they are now. Also, they get to use this for marketting, by saying the PS2 is beating the 360 which they are already doing. I think they will continue to push ps2 sells even after the PS3 comes out.

THWIP4457d ago

Sony has always touted their BC library of games, since the PS2 (which is simply done by including the last-gen chipset...not a great achievement, and not an option for MS with the 360...but that's another story). Since the PS3 will be BC with the PS1/PS2, it would be foolish to think that anyone who bought a PS2 in the past year....or at least past 6 months...would also buy a PS3.

BIadestarX4457d ago

I somewhat agree with you.

Dr Green Bud4457d ago

40 million PS2's sold in europe! Wow! I ask you how many of you have had 2 or 3 PS2's?
I've had 2 and some of my m8's are on there 3rd. The 40 million probably accounts to 10-15 million in europe buying 2-3 PS2's. Lets hope the PS3 is better or we going to be buying a few! if so Ouch!!!!!!

THWIP4457d ago

I bought my first one at launch......waited in line for 13 hours at Wal-Mart for that POS. I sold it after I got an XBOX in 2002. I then bought my 2nd one about 2 years ago....$100 refurb from my wife could have a cheap DVD player, and could play a Tetris and Primal in the bedroom. I haven't touched a PS2 for gaming in 3-4 years though.

DJ4457d ago

Still works beautifully. Two of my friends switched over to the slim-line version a while back (their originals still worked, but hella big to transport). One person had their laser break down, so he can only read DVD movies and games. So far the other 30 or so are fine. No one's had a Gamecube break down on them (even after dropping accidents); those suckers are resilient.

I'm amazed at the lack of intelligence from some of you people. Are you so insecure that you feel the need to accuse Sony of lying or deliberately creating faulty units in order to put their superior sales figures in a negative light? They sold 40 million units in Europe fair and square, with over 106 million units worldwide. Maybe you're just pissed that a 6-year old console is selling more units per month than the Xbox 360. If you use something called logic, the accusation that every person who's bought a PS2 had their's break down and thus replaced it two or three times (as you guys claim) Sony would have the biggest f-ing lawsuit ever. But they don't because it's not true and never has been.

Goes to show what happens when fanaticism goes too far.

As for each PS2 sale destroying a potential PS3 sale, that couldn't be further from the truth. PS2s retail for only $129, which is a far cry from the $500~600 of the PS3. And in fact, Sony is helping developers make money off of current gen games in order to better fund their next-gen titles. It's true. This is why when Sony announced full backwards compatibility on the PS2 (and then PS3) 3rd party developers were overjoyous because suddenly there was nothing preventing PS2 owners from buying PS1 titles, just as there's nothing preventing PS3 owners from buying or playing PS2 titles. A person that buys a PS2 can switch to a PS3 anytime they like and not have to worry "Will my games be compatible on this new system? Will I have to switch between multiple consoles all the time? Do these patches work completely? Can I transfer my saves over? If I can't, than what the hell was all this for?"

Sony knows how to please their customers, which is why they have so many in the first place. People that owned PS1s went on to buy PS2s, and considering what a great job Sony's done with their new system, there's no reason to doubt that their current customers will also move onto the PS3.

THWIP4457d ago

...and you're about to get a rude awakening. :|

gamer20084457d ago

and why anyone would bash that i have no ideal. i love xbox ps2 and gamecube yep i said i love my good ol gamecube. mario sunshine zelda windwaker.

well and for people to say that they play xbox over ps2 why in the world would someone do that?

2000 game titles for ps2 and they choose xbox to play. i love playing xbox but to not play some of the good games that have come out over the years is just crazy that been a big time fanboy. i just play which ever one when i want to like if i want to play fable or knight of the old republic for xbox.

if i play ps2 i play god of war. fina fantasy. and more. ps2 isnt boring xbox isnt boring so people who say one another are boring the people that say that are the ones that are stupiod.

THWIP4457d ago

...I chose the XBOX for it's superior hardware, DVD player, Live, and exclusive games that I wanted. The PS2 had less than 10 exclusives in it's 6+ years, that I was interested in and/or enjoyed; MOST of those were early titles, like Ico, Red Faction, Smuggler's Run, Drakkan: The Ancient's Gate, and Primal. I hate the DMC, FF, and MGS games, have no interest in platformers like Spyro, Ratchet, Sly, or Jak, and God of War was boring and cliche. I MUCH prefer the types of exclusives MS has acquired, like:

-Thief:Deadly Shadows
-Crimson Skies
-Mechassault 1&2
-Jade Empire
-Deus Ex
-KOTOR 1&2

And all of the multiplatform games were superior on XBOX, in both graphics and online play. And no...I'm not a Halo fan, at all.

gamer20084457d ago

but i think its been worth it considering how much i have fun on it. i have only ever had to buy one xbox and im glad of that. thanks for making xbox a reliable game system.

thos disk read errors that ps2 has is just stupid.
but i love the ps2 as much as xbox. theres flaws in both systems.

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