Worms to hit Xbox Live Arcade

Team 17 have confirmed that they will release a multiplayer version of their seminal title Worms over Xbox Live Arcade early next year.

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Monty1874455d ago

This will be so much fun on live!!

Mr Murda4455d ago long as it's the old 2D version and not the [email protected] ass 3D versions they tried to release. I probably put in a 1000 hours towards Worms Armageddon for PS1. This game rocks. I remember this being rumored back in May and now it's confirmed. Whew!

calderra4455d ago

Literally only yesterday, I was telling my girlfriend the thing Arcade needs most is Worms, and that I was going to email Team17 about doing it.

Now here's just to hoping it's REAL 2d Worms, and not one of the crappy 3d titles they've tried to push on us recently. Worms: Armageddon, please!

Lord Flasheart4455d ago

This is great news! Q1 2007 will be awesome on Arcade Live, Worms and Sensi Soccer!
Agree with the others.... it has to be Armageddon (2D at least) as the 3D versions were muck!

JPomper4455d ago


The 3d titles were fun once you got used to them, but yeah... I hope it's World Party or Armageddon.

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