The Best Combat Fighting Based Games Series

What separates the best combat fighting based games from the rest of the pack is that they provide players with a constant feeling of urgency, the feeling that anything could happen and a world which facilitates both feelings.

The Best Combat Fighting Based Games for the PC, PS3, Xbox360 could be defined by these three series:

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1830d ago
jc485731830d ago

I don't really get this article. Grand Theft Auto is known for combat fighting?

WeAreLegion1830d ago

This is strange. It's like the author watched someone else play ten minutes of each of these games and wrote an article.

jc485731830d ago

it gets worse everyday. Wasn't there an article yesterday about Lords of Shadow 2's disturbing (sexual according to author) scene?

ZombieKiller1820d ago

Gaming journalism at it's finest!

deadfrag1830d ago

More crap been approved!

Stringerbell1830d ago

I dont want to be rude - but this was just strange.You're just talking about the plot of said games. They just happen to contain combat. Whoever approved this, did you even read it?

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