Motorstorm : Pacific Rift real time engine video

Sony Computer Entertainment released the real time engine demo. Enjoy, fantastic.

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Angelitos3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Awww, yeah. This is the best non-simulator racing game you can get. You better pick this up!

MK_Red3814d ago

Now this looks better. Much MUCH better. Waiting for direct-feed version of main gameplay but this vid got me interested again.

Awesome find.

eagle213814d ago

I remember your other Motorstorm 2 comment, I was like..."MK will change his mind, he's just giving some tough love".. I was right. :)

We all want Motorstorm 2 to innovate over the great original (which won official Racing Game Of The Year for 2007 at the AIAS in Feb. 2008).

Be patient, it will deliver! :)

MK_Red3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Thanks my friend, you were indeed right. Not only that vid suffered from off-screen quality and the gameplay vid didn't show much of new features, it's clear that I was just expecting a bit too much and seriously, the game looks really promising.
Tough love indeed :)

Original MotorStorm ROCKED and was IMO is worthy of that award. Can't wait for this one. Hope we can both enjoy it as much as the uber fun original.

fenderputty3814d ago

You were gettin' down on Motorstorm 2?

The simple fact that they are including more tracks, split screen and destructible environments pretty much guarantees you'll have more fun then the first.

Can't wait to play.

MK_Red3814d ago

fenderputty, I know :)

More tracks and split-screen are huge pluses for me (I don't care about multi player unless it's via split-screen).
The off screen footage was really misleading. Can't wait.

fenderputty3814d ago

screen offline as well. I played the first game online a little but, I always wanted to play against friends when they came over. Now, I'll get to do that.

yeah ... the first footage didn't do it justice. Same with RFOM. In fact the only game I've ever seen that looks better then things out while still in ALPHA/BETA stages is KZ2. (which seems to be in a league of it own right now)

sonarus3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

haha i was looking for MK_red just to show him this vid. As it is now at 40% completion, i am sure despite the density being added the visuals will surpass MS1.

From the way things are looking, MS2 could easily take racer of the yr for 2008. We have to wait for release to really know if it lives up to expectations but not that many strong racing games this yr. GT5P won't get it because its a prologue but GT5 is getting it next yr and any other racing title coming out nxt yr should just come prepared to loose to GT5

MK_Red3813d ago

fenderputty, agreed on KZ2. It's definitly in a league of it own :)

sonarus, you got me :)
This is indeed beyond promising. Gameplay wise I'm still not sold. Didn't like the monster truck but the old MotorStorm cars still rock.

MotorStorm 2 indeed has a strong chance but let's not forget about Midnight Club LA though it may be delayed till 2009.

TheXgamerLive3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I love those it's only pre alpha comments.

I wish these developers would stop using pre alpha so incorrectly.

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Fishy Fingers3814d ago

Looks good already, really looking forward to this. Split screen is just the cherry on top :)

sunhead3814d ago

Shows of a lot better visuals then in the video previously, and the monster truck is major

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