Shuhei Yoshida: No Future PS4 Firmware Update to Turn off DS4′s Light Bar in Games That Don’t Use it

PSLS "As we wait for the PlayStation 4 firmware update to add Pulse Elite headset support (and hopefully more) likely some time this month, Shuhei Yoshida was once again his active self on Twitter, giving a patented one word answer."

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JoGam3180d ago

Im not sure why people complain about the light bar. I have no issues with it. I currently have the DS4 charging station where I keep both my controllers docked so battery charge isn't an issue for me.

Neonridr3180d ago

That isn't exactly the point. Why is the light there? If I don't have a PS4 Camera, then the light does nothing else than to create reflections or glow in the dark. When I'm playing Killzone it lights up Green when I am playing and red when I am dead. Great, thanks for the tip - I couldn't see that I was dead on the screen :P

So your solution to the light bar is to buy something to keep your controllers charged, so spending money is the answer to something as easy as a firmware update to turn the light off if you don't want it on?

GarrusVakarian3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

" Green when I am playing and red when I am dead. Great, thanks for the tip - I couldn't see that I was dead on the screen :P "

Haha, yeah it is pretty pointless for people who don't care for the camera. Personally it doesn't bother me much due to the way im positioned when i play (i hold the pad at a downwards angle and on my lap so the light is pretty much hidden/out of my view).

I bet it's pretty annoying for people with glossy screened TV's. I would like an option to turn it off.....just...because.

JoGam3180d ago

So your solution to the light bar is to buy something to keep your controllers charged, so spending money is the answer to something as easy as a firmware update to turn the light off if you don't want it on?

No, I wouldn't say it my solution because to be honest you can always use the cable that came with the PS4 and use it the same way I use the docking station. All Im saying is the light bar was a feature that we all knew about when the PS4 was announced. Because a game isn't using it to your liking is not a reason to complain. Honestly the "ONLY" valid complain is it drains your battery life. Thats it.

iamnsuperman3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

It is good for player indication (different colours) but yer there should be an option to turn it off (surely it can't be a hard thing to impliment). I don't mind it at all and probably wouldn't turn it off anyway

Edit: I just remembered that the light bar is the only indicator light on the controller. So turning it off would be anti productive if you have two controllers. You wouldn't know which controller was on

MestreRothN4G3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

^ Yeah... Because the former costless system wasn't good, right?

I mean, if a led is lit under the number 1 on the controller, how should I know if I'm player 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7?

The light on the DS4 is far too bright and intrusive. Horrible idea which, besides guiding the camera, serves no good purpose at all.


But still worse is the touch pad. I seriously hope games don't use that. It is not precise at all and its position... Well, the only possible explanation is "japanese people".

Neonridr3180d ago

I know it has its uses, the camera needs it, and its great for player identification. Just seems weird that they are dead set against allowing us to disable it.

It's not that it bothers me or anything, I just don't particularly have a need for it. Single player with no PS4 camera.

cyclindk3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Semi solutions for what I've heard here so far.

1) if glare is an issue, permanent marker the thing out, open it and remove the LED, or a piece of tape...

2) power issue, removing the LED would be the best bet in my opinion, you might get the idea in your head to pull that little ribbon cable out going to the light bar area, but be warned, that is also where the charge port is, so removing that will, I BELIEVE, keep your battery from getting any charge (not 100 percent sure, feel free to try charging the controller with it unplugged) I do know the LED shuts off when removing this cable, but haven't tested the other effects.


BitbyDeath3180d ago

Why do you want it off in the first place?
It isn't distracting, it doesn't use much power, it is merely there to tell you which player you are. Why the hate?

truefan13180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

The problem lies in the fact that Sony is a hardware company, they are not one to pump out updates frequently. It seems this is just another issue for gamers to complain about, no big deal. If you are able to crack out 6-7 hours of gaming in a day (excluding weekends), you need to get a life.

Noobz13180d ago

It's not a big deal but I don't know why the option isn't put in place. Maybe if they explained their reasoning it would be an even less of an issue.

Hatsune-Miku3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

why dont they take the speaker off the controllers also since i dont need it. i have speakers on my tele already so the speaker is useless. sony should also remove the share button on my controller since i will never upload videos or screen shots online. the light is useless like i see other people are saying and the reason its useless to me is because i dont play local cop op games so i dont need the lightbar to tell me if im number 1 or number 2 character on screen, ill press buttons and figure it out myself. i see alot of useless things on my controller and since its mine i shouldnt be forced to have the options or wasted features when they kill my battery faster anyway.

probably what sony should do is have a service where they can taylor each controller to certain users likes. if someone wants the d-pad in the centre of the controller then they should have it. why would sony make the dual shock like it is instead of making a controller everyone in the world will like? why would they make the dualshock 4 with a lot of options when everyone is different?

testerg353180d ago

truefan, Sony use to have updates for the PS3 very often.

cyclindk3180d ago

Additionally, turn off rumble/vibration in games that give you the option and further conserve your battery life.

blackbirdi3180d ago

its not easy to turn off the light with frimware you have to flash the controller its sounds stupid but the ds4 has its own software within the controller

minimur123180d ago

the reason I see it like this is because if sony add the option to turn it off, everyone will do that in a bid to save battery and then no dev's will use it. it's a shame tbh, and I kinda like the bar on killzone, it just shows me out of the corner of my eye how much health I have left, rather than looking at the corner of the screen to see how much red has crept onto the screen, I can see it all the time.

I've put a pillow right infront of it before purely so the light reflects more

(And I'm sure everyone else has, use it as a light when it's paused?)

KratosSaveUs3180d ago

Obviously you don't know what your talking about. The light bar is there to indicate what player you are and to indicate the controller is on. Its led so it doesn't "drain" the battery. Maybe if y'all go outside or go to work instead of staying in the house and playing PS4 all day you cimplainers won't have that problem. I'm just sayin.

Sharky2313180d ago

At least some devs are trying to use it. There could be a way to use the light that we aren't thinking of. So instead of complaining just be glad that the devs that use the light aren't lazy. Oh and the light turns yellow just before you die.

ShwankyShpanky3180d ago

Maybe after I'm out of warranty I'll crack that bitch open and install a tiny pushbutton switch on the lightbar wire just for shits and giggles.

It really should have at least a function to dim the light, and also a flashlight function that puts it on full brightness. I use mine for a flashlight more than anything in-game.

Zancruz3180d ago

Black Duck Tape Problem Solved..

MysticStrummer3180d ago

"Sony is a hardware company, they are not one to pump out updates frequently."

lol Way to ignore the frequent updates all through the PS3's lifespan. Many would say too frequent.

OT - This news kinda sucks. I may or may not get a PS camera eventually, but the option to turn that light off and conserve power should be there whether you have the cam or not.

iiorestesii3180d ago

Write your local councilman or just take a prozac miss.

thaiboy3180d ago

The light bar in Killzone is great, I love that it changes colour, what a great idea.

If you really don't like it then just stick a piece of tap over it, it'll take you 1 minuet and your gripe will be over.

I understand why Sony doesn't want it off, first of all it looks really nice, secondly, if they give you the option to turn it off you may loose out on the features of a game.

abzdine3180d ago

NO, red doesn't show if you are dead but when life is critical which is a cool feature but certainly not necessary.

the light bar doesn't disturb me, i have micro USB pluged continuously while playing.
Turning the led off will allow you to play let's say an hour more, but buying a long USB cable for no money will allow you to play indefinitely with lightbar on.

Mister_G3180d ago

It actually changes gradually from green to red, so half health it's kinda orange :)

Volkama3180d ago

Blackbirdy may have a point actually. If the software in the controller does not understand a "light is off" instruction then it is the controller that will need the firmware update, and there may not be a simple method in place to do so.

hobohunterz3180d ago

Ya exactly and its pointless because even when they want to use it to represent different things in game you can't see the light because its beveled to the back of the controller away from your periferial view.

Maxor3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Just look at the Sony defense force at work on this thread

1. Use duct tape.
2. Use a marker to block it out.
3. Buy another $50 controller. It's so easy!
4. Keep your (wireless) controller constantly connected with a USB cable. Lol.

None of this solve the problem that annoy me the most about the idiotic light bar. It's a constant reminder of the abortion that is the PS camera. The bar is supposed to be there so the PS4 can tell who is holding the controller. To what end, nobody knows. LMAO. Yeah, this is not useless at all.

mewhy323180d ago

I think that the leading reason to have the ability to turn on and off the light bar is to extend the very short battery lift of the DS4. At least that's my reason for wanting to turn it off.

kreate3180d ago

there might not be a firmware update, but im sure there might be a new controller.

keep complaining everyone, I know last gen, sony put the rumble feature back on the controller after so many ppl complained.

I don't really mind any lights coming from the controller. I enjoy the green light that blinks on the 360 controller, and I also enjoy the colorful blinking lights that is on the move controller :)

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mo2413180d ago

Oh my god sony is pulling a microsoft upon us. Don't shove gimmicks down our throats. Even if its cool if it isn't needed for some people it isn't facking needed.
mow for the guy saying if your playing that much you need to get a life.

people pay 400 dollars for this device they are entitled to do with it as they please.
Not up to you guys to judge.

BlackTar1873180d ago

Seriously i had 0 idea people had a problem with it. I can 100% say i don't notice it when im playing. I do like the orange for standby charge though. Which is the only time i actually notice the light.

People playing at night who smoke for example could find it helpful in showing them were they put it down at. This would have help be a couple years ago but with a kid now i sadly don't get to play late nights anymore :( but its 100% worth it.

iiorestesii3180d ago

@mo This is a non issue. The light is barley noticeable. I understand some of you just want it off because you take every opportunity to be as caddy as you possibly can. Tough love. And in real news...

JamieL3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

@ BlackTar187 & iiorestesii
I think you just made the biggest point against the light I've seen so far, and you were trying to defend Sony. You are right, you can barely notice it, so that makes the battery power it uses a complete waste. It serves no real purpose for anyone without the camera, so why put it on every controller? I have NEVER seen people get confused over who’s controller is who’s, have you honestly? I think this is perfect evidence that the camera was originally going to be included in every box, this is just my opinion, but I just don’t see how adding the light on every controller makes any sense at all, without the camera. The fact it’s there isn’t the problem, the fact it’s there using battery power for NO reason at all is why folks don’t like it. I remember quite a few on here saying how cool the color changing light was when it was announced, but now it is completely USELESS unless you spend more money. I hope this can give you a new perspective, and clear up any confusion.

bjmartynhak3180d ago

- It doesn't annoy me

- I put on the DS4 charging station after every use, unless I played for very short time.

However, an option should be necessary. If it reflects in some TVs and consumes more battery, it is a no-brainer, the option should be there.

Amplitude3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

its also god damn distracting in the dark, and puts a ridiculous glare on my plasma, forcing me to use the LCD. ...which is fine but, i mean thats not the point lol.

Zancruz3180d ago

Black Duck Tape Problem Solved...

thaiboy3180d ago

I play right in front of a 64' Plasma and I've not once had a reflective issue. It does light the wall up somewhat but it doesn't bother me at all, it's actually pretty cool because in KZ when I'm hurt I see it one the screen and feel it all around my TV.

Mirage7493180d ago

I am quite amazed that this has been such a huge issue for people.

memots3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

I'm not amazed or surprised , the entitlement in this "me" society is very present now In gaming.

JamieL3180d ago

@ memots
I think that attitude extends WAY beyond the gaming community. I agree with you though.

IaussieGamer3180d ago

The reason people do not like the light bar is that it uses up power. Being able to turn it off in games that do not use it would save power for the controller giving it more time

iiorestesii3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

I think every gamer should take a half hour break between every eight hours of play to fully charge your controller. "Right to customize". I'm not paying extra money for my controller for you to get things exactly your way. Sony knows this that's why theyre just rocking you in your cradle on this one. Its not about right and wrong and what "a respectable company ought to do", its about Sony and their product and their competency in their production design. Time will tell the fate of said light bar...

ramiuk13180d ago

its LED ,it uses so little u prob couldnt even measure the amount it uses.
the batery doenst last as long as DS3 as the batter mAh is 1000 instead of 1800.

people really need to get a life,people dying and struggling to get food on table and kids on here bitching about a LED light.

if anything the trackpad uses the most power??
i charge my pad using my galaxy s3 wall socket and its done in under 30 minutes

Zancruz3180d ago

I don't see the problem with the light either... For one, a person could just cover the light bar with some Black Duck Tape or with something else.

For me, my 60inch lights up my dark living room, so i don't even see the light from the DS4.... *Shrugs* lol

JamieL3180d ago

Why should they have to do anything to mod the controller. The FACT is that without the camera that damn light is 150% useless, period. It serves no purpose but aggravating a few petty gamers. Why is it even there. I think they should have just done a Move like play and only bundled the light controllers with the cameras. There is absolutely no logical reason at all for it to be there without the camera.

parentoftheyear3180d ago

I would like a feature to disable when not in game. It's nice that 2nd player lights up red but when it's all dark in my house watching a scary Netflix movie except.for the blue glowing orb. Haha

hazardman3180d ago

Ok im pretty sure no one has an issue with light either but if turn it off can help with battery life why not atleast have the option to turn off. DS4 is a Great controller but that short bl is annoying! That being said its not the end of world!

BoriboyShoGUN3180d ago

I have not had any issues with battery life on my controllers. I've played for hours on end without having to recharge. You just cant please everyone!

RyuCloudStrife3180d ago

It ain't an issue for you? LOL


Yet you say battery life ain't an issue for you, huh?

I LOVE my PS4 but that light we need the option to turn it off, its a complete battery drainer.


bennissimo3180d ago

If you had a glossy TV and constantly saw the reflected controller light, you would have an issue with it.

A user should be able to turn the light off.

kopicha3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

I think people never notice that DS4 is different from DS3. Having the camera or not aside. The light bar is also an indicator on which controller is it currently connected as (eg. Blue = P1, Red = P2 and so on...). Unlike DS3 where there is an indicator on top that show which player is that controller connected as. DS4 does not have the same indicator. Light bar is the replacement for it

YellowTempes3180d ago

Why complain? It's just such a pain in the ass when my cat keeps jumping around the room in front of me when I play on my PS4.

Pricey3180d ago

if the light went then maybe the battery life would be better

3180d ago
erathaol3180d ago

Its very odd that there will not be a update to change this issue. As they already have the tech there to change the color, would it be so hard to build on that code read a game's use of the feature and disable if its not going to be used?

Would help them shave off excessive electric use come time for the eco-friendly console judgement.

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KrisButtar3180d ago

Where is my Pulse Elite firmware update

4logpc3180d ago

Thats weird. I wonder why, is it really that crucial to keep it on?

curtis923180d ago

well it IS the only indicator that the controller is on. Also indicates what controller is which if multiple are being used. I'd like to see a new DS4 released without a lightbar personally. Just no use if there's no camera detecting it.

iamnsuperman3180d ago

You make a valid point about player indication (or even on indicator since there is no other lights on the controller). However realising a non light bar controller would be a horrible idea. It would make the camera less attractive or make it pointless since it won't be compatible with that non light bar controller

curtis923180d ago

@iamnsuperman true. I guess it just comes back to firmware still...why can't they just dim the light or something if a camera isn't connected? Very weird indeed.

nategrigs3180d ago

Yeah I feel like we're not getting the whole story

Bowzabub3180d ago

Very fickle thing to rail on about if you ask me. Electrical tape...non-issue...

raWfodog3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Yeah, you'll never be able to please everyone. More to the point, you'll always have people who will find something to complain about, even if they already knew the details before they bought it :)

Edit: Who knows what the future will bring? Yoshida says no but things could change later on down the road.

mo2413180d ago

thats not true Yoshida said it will be looked at in the future.
Bringing people's hope's up, and then saying it won't is not so nice of them.

Silly gameAr3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Yeah, it's no big deal to me either, but I can only speak for myself. I guess people have their own reasons for not wanting the light bar.

AngelicIceDiamond3180d ago

Lol at Yoshida's one word strait for answers.