Resetting Sony's Player Haters

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THAMMER14453d ago

Sony has been under attack real hard for the past 1-2 years. And it is all Sonys fualt. The PS3 with DVD9 would have went over with gamers just fine. And they would have crushed the 360 in one month. The hype lies and rumors and mud sling Sony did to M$ in 2005 just to keep you away was not 360 owners or M$'s fualt it was Sony and the blind public who put Sony where they are today.

The PS3 will pick up like crazy when they hit the $400.00 sweet spot but untill then it looks sad. I love PS2 but PS3 is a gamble like rolling dice with out shakin ya hand 1st.

calderra4453d ago

The REAL problem has been the lies.

-"PS3 is ready to ship Spring 2006."
-"The "Boomerang" design is final- we won't be changing it."
-"PS3 will not have a network to compete with Live."
-"All launch games will ship in 1080p, running at 120fps."
-"PS3 is a supercomputer 2-3x as powerful as 360."
-"PS3 will have dual HDMI outputs and accept 7 controllers simultaneously."
-"The Killzone demo was real gameplay running in realtime."
-"HDMI is critical to the next generation." (before cutting HDMI out of 20gig and cables out of the 60gig)

And the lies that continue to this day....

-"Cell is 3x more powerful than 360's processor."
-"SIXAXIS doesn't implement rumble because it couldn't be done / too expensive / chose not to implement it." (they still won't own up to losing their lawsuit with Immersion)
-"The PS3 is a computer, not a console." (invented only to get around European tax laws if you've missed that battle)

...the only reason MOST people (not all of course) bash PS3 is because of the absolute **** that keeps coming out of the mouths of their execs. If their execs would learn some basic humility, the whole industry would be better off.

[As a side note- Downloadable TV shows and movies was promised for Xbox Live when Xbox 360 was first unveiled to the public- it's been an expected feature since a long time before launch. Microsoft didn't "suddenly" release it to combat Sony.]

BIadestarX4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

$400? It will be a long time for this to happen. Sony is already taking a big lost, sooner or later they will need to become profitable and dropping $200 from it would just make things worst. Specially considering that blu-ray and the cell are not even stablished technologies. So, if microsoft is having a hard time reducing production cost on common hardware, one can only imagine how is going to be for Sony when the parts are produced by a small number of manufacturers. i.e. IBM does not need to lower the price on the cell, since Sony can't get it anywhere else. Do the math, why would IBM lower the price or the companies producing blu-ray diodes when the demand is high and there is no competition.

4me24453d ago

1. CELL was co-developed by IBM, Toshiba and Sony so the pricing is not 100% set by IBM. 3 companies invested billions so in the future they don't have to pay retail for it. Still has to cover manufacturing cost.

2. Blue laser diode. There are only 2 companies in the world manufacturing BL dioe:Nichia and Sony.

3. It is funny when somebody lists a 'delay' of product launch as lie. For example Microsoft has delayed almost every OS in past years. VISTA is late 1 year. Did MS lied? NO they delayed the launch.

THWIP4453d ago

...this guy thinks Motorstorm will be the Savior of the PS3. :o

Silver Bull3t4453d ago

pity party for Sony, ready?... 1,2,3, AWWWWWWW!

Funky Town_TX4453d ago

Because Sony will gain lots of money if it wins the format war. I mean it is always nice to have more space for games but there is a work around. In the end games must be fun. Playstation is about games, and once they stop the blu-ray talk then all will be well. I hope they learned that from the PSP project. Those disc are like 5 times bigger than the DS disc right. So with the same blu-ray logic the cames should be 5 times better than the DS's games. It's not just about tech and specs. Innovation comes from creativity. M$ has to learn this also.

Remember the xbox1 had built-in HDD. 4 controller support, HD capabilities (limited) ,and ethernet. It was the same cost of the PS2. Now this would be like the PS3 being the same price of the 360. Gamers did not care about the xbox1's tech info, they cared about the games.

BTW, motostorm looks good. I don't know how it plays though. Okay, back to work.

Ravenator5294453d ago

If you listen to the videogamejocks podcast (episode 16), they explain that they actually attended the event in New York.

Their view of the crowd was much different than Ross Rubin's. They explained a crowd that didn't seem too "wow'ed" by what they were experiencing.

Don't throw a bunch of sh1t in my face either! This is what they said, not me. Listen for yourself.

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