Intel, SGI to build 10 PFlops supercomputer for NASA

Santa Clara (CA) – Intel and supercomputers is a combination of words we have been hearing quite a bit lately. Today we learned that the company has secured another contract with NASA, expanding on existing relationship that began with the deployment of the Columbia supercomputer in 2004. The new "Pleiades" system is planned to deliver 1 PFlops of computing power by 2009 and 10 PFlops by 2012.

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decapitator3910d ago

Que for another break through in the technology world.

Says you3910d ago

Think those are super computers if they need that many that just means there not that powerful if they need 300 a super computer would be one computer that can do all the task this is just ridiculous.

meepmoopmeep3910d ago

good to see things like this happening.

Tony240ZT3910d ago

These are my tax dollars right? I should get some time at the console!

Voozi3910d ago

Everyone let's cluster our PS3's together and challenge their super computer to a super computer face off! >_> or w/e super computers do! lol

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