MK vs. DC: Scorpion Revealed (High Res Pic)

Following the buzz of excitement surrounding an image from Poland's NEO+ magazine, Kamidogu has obtained a high-quality render of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.

The image shows off Scorpion's new fighting attire, which has seen a minor but impressive facelift.

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Fishy Fingers3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Render :(

Probably "close" to reality but, Render :(

*hopes to be proved wrong*

~side note~ livid they're doing away with fatalities

MK_Red3817d ago

1. Dude, this is the in-game model! In-engine!
2. It's SICK! Love the bone mask.

Fishy Fingers3817d ago

MK I'm still finding that hard to believe. Did you zoom in? There is some serious AA and detail going on there, to much.

Like I said if that's real fantastic! But I'm going to take some convincing, gameplay please :)

MK_Red3817d ago

The pic is indeed a render and has AA and stuff but the model is from game's engine :)

The Closing3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Exoskeleton, and yes it looks sick! Too bad it's not a normal next(this) gen MK though.

MADGameR3817d ago

Its Mortal Kombat vs Don't Care...since I noone has ever told me what the DC stands for, I will just name it ''Don't Care''

Fallen_Angel3817d ago

They only have to characters on screen is easy to go all out and put insane details in them. Oh and as for the mask I dont think its meant to be a bone mask. I think it meant to me a scorpion. The 8 legs and its mid section. The head and claws being the part just above his forehead. There are also scorpions side of the skull on his belt. And the texture of the black leather to make him look more scorpion like.

MK_Red3816d ago

Good point Fallen_Angel. Hadn't looked at it this way. Still, it is confirmed that the clothes and stuff are destructable and with heavy punches, the masks will shatter so Scorpion's mask will look more bone-ish when it's broken or shattered.

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MK_Red3817d ago

Are you kidding? Sure, the game will probably suck but the image is uber sick and awesome and for an in-game model is insane.

juuken3817d ago

I like his outfit but I'm still a bit concerned about this game. :/

003817d ago

scorpion with the best looking costume in the franchise is being used in the most likely worse game in the franchise.

d3l33t3817d ago

are you kidding? mark my words, it will not disappoint

DomUltra3817d ago

Looks more like a target render, anyway, this game is gonna suck though, they took alot of crap out.

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The story is too old to be commented.