Guide: How you can pause downloads on PS4

Youtube User Hackastic has made this handy guide which shows you how you can workaround the inability to pause downloads on the device and we’ve tested it out and it works 8 out 10 times. Only occasionally will the file become corrupted but you should be fine using it more often than not.

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Ghosts3689d ago

There should be an option to pause it instead of doing all that. Hopefully the new system update can answer to everything we missing.

Studio-YaMi3689d ago

Yeah seriously I hope Sony resolves this in the next system update,I actually found it funny when he wrote in the video "Easier Way",I'm thankful for him to figure out a way though.

MestreRothN4G3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Why people prefer so much doing it on video than on text (other than the ad revenue)?

Anyway, there we go:
(Basically you'll force your download to fail and restart manually only the one you want to resume)

You have multiple downloads happening.

1. Go to settings, network. Uncheck "connect to the internet".
2. Wait 2-3 minutes for downloads to fail.
3. Go to settings, network. Check "connect to the internet".
4. Go back to the notifications screen.
5. Select the download you want to do. Press X and "retry".

That's it. Only one download running.

bobsmith3689d ago

ty and also another thing when downloading game updates on ps4 games to check progess go to notifications

Deadpoolio3689d ago

But if they didn't use text and actually talk you through it how would they fill the video with god awful techno/dance club music

andrewsqual3689d ago

Brilliant thanks mate. Not clicking a stupid Youtube video for something explained so simple.

FamilyGuy3689d ago

Wow so I figured this out two months ago when the ps4 launched. Seems this video is a little late to the party...

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Shad0wRunner3689d ago

Why would anyone WANT to pause a download on a PS4, anyway? I buy Killzone but before I can even play it "Oops, I better pause this thing. Wouldnt want that huge file draining my precious bandwidth. I'll finish it later." LOL

Whats next? Can we please get someone out there, to show me the next hilarious "workaround" they've discovered on the PS4? I've grown accustomed to seeing all this mundane BS, lately. LOL.

Just like morons who want an option to turn off the LED. I feel like I live in a world with stupid people. -_-

thaiboy3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Without having to guess hard, I'm going to say you live in a country where internet is cheap, fast and most likely uncapped.

If you would take a little time to broaden your somewhat narrow view of the world you might realise that there are a good few countries out there where internet connections cost more than you make in a month, they are capped and slow so...

Pausing a download IS useful to those people.

You might want to Re-consider who you are referring to in your last line.

Studio-YaMi3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Well,options are always good to have,what works for you might ruin others enjoyment.

I personally don't have a problem with the light on the controller,never even noticed it while playing any game so far and I have 4 games(retail) for my PS4 already.

Still,it's better to give comfortable solutions to your consumers.

MestreRothN4G3689d ago

'I don't see the reason, therefore it doesn't exist'.

You have proven it very well: there are very stupid and ignorant people around. They're usually the ones whom judge themselves very bright.

But hey, they can always grow up. Well, almost always.

So, little ignorant poster, here is the so secret reason your 'magnificent intelligence' (jk, in case you didnt figure it) could not see: to make another download faster, whether it is a game, movie or anything else on console, PC or smartphone and still have your PS4 turned on.

But yeah, you proved your point. There is at least one big ignorant stupid moron around...

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