WorthPlaying: Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Preview

Dawn of the Dragon is set three years after the previous game, and Spyro's gotten a little older in the intervening time. He's no longer the baby dragon he's been for the last few games. Now, he can fly for as long as he likes, which changes the game's flow dramatically. Spyro's also been studying martial arts or something, because he's gained access to a few impressive grappling moves.

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Angelitos3814d ago

To me, they killed this series, when they made it multi-platform. I beleive, every series that go multi-platform, after being exlcusive for a while, kills the series. Like Devil May Cry, GTA, etc.

PoSTedUP3814d ago

i love spryo for ps1, it was good but i guess i forgot to follow through with it.