Ubisoft Caught in a Little Assassin's Creed Scandal

TG Daily investigates – Amidst talk that the PC's days as a major gaming platform could be counted blockbuster titles such as Assassin's Creed are welcome signs that show just the opposite. Sadly, it is very likely that this game will be remembered for a controversy that dances around a strange decision to remove support for DirectX 10.1 and handed transferred an initial performance advantage for ATI's Radeon cards over to Nvidia. Did Nvidia have its hands in this one?

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decapitator3867d ago

Ubisoft, please hurry up with my 'next-gen' POP game please. Thanks.

jadenkorri3866d ago

i have two ati radeon 3870 hd 512, no way id patch assassins...

cjp4eva3866d ago

Every day that passes by makes me wanna get farther away from Ubisoft.....

Condoleezza Rice3866d ago

the only Ubi game I'm interested in is the next Prince of Persia,other than that everything else is just meh

Captain Tuttle3866d ago

But they're right...this is the most memorable thing about this game.

jvsantos3866d ago

What're you guys talking about? The 1st 10 minutes of that game were awesome.


Alexander Roy3866d ago

Old news. I already read that sometime last month.

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