AMD Unleashes Hydra: 8-Core Competition for the Nehalems

Despite the fact that AMD is half dead because of its tiny CPU market share, the company is currently making the preparations for a worth-mentioning Nehalem competitor. The chip manufacturer's upcoming 45-nanometer chips in the Deneb and Propus families will undergo a significant micro-architecture redesign, also known as K10.5 Rev. D.

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decapitator3911d ago

AMD and Intel still dueling it out I see.

Lyan3910d ago

As much as I would like this chip "duel" to turn back into a battle instead of Intel dominating AMD, from this article it seems AMD is going to come out too little too late.

I like that AMD is taking the approach of increasing their lackluster support of sizable L2 cache. Sizable L3 cache on top of L2 hopefully will prove very useful. Though the article mentions lackluster support of overclocking, for some reason I doubt that. We'll see though.

deeznuts3910d ago

It took AMD forever to come out with the tri-core after announcing it. I wouldn't evn want to know when this would come out.

bumnut3910d ago

and its only about £15 cheaper than a quad