10Tacle Studios signs agreement with Ferrari

10Tacle Studios announces that it has come to an agreement with famous Italian autobrand Ferrari. From now one the developer has permission to use the Ferrari brand in their games.

Currently 10Tacle Studios is working on GTR for Xbox 360 and PC.

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Capt CHAOS4451d ago

Aren't there other games who have used Ferrari's?

JPomper4451d ago

Yes. This is just to say that 10Tacle can now use the name/design.

THWIP4451d ago

Wow....I cannot BELIEVE they forgot about Elveon; that game will be one of next year's best looking titles, and is yet another 360 exclusive. Sadly, nobody cares about these other games. :|

devv054451d ago

Dont think Ferrari will be featuring in Elveon tbh ;)