Does the Xbox One have anything to offer in 2014?

IM PLAYIN takes a look at what 2014 offers for the Xbox One, including a couple of Xbox exclusives that they're excited for and a few cross platform games that promise to impress.

"t’s a new year, if you hadn’t noticed, and with new years come endless possibilities. 2013 brought some real fantastic titles to our screens. Telltale concluded their Walking Dead game series with style, Rockstar released the largest grossing video-game of all time, Square Enix finally made a decent Tomb Raider, Bioshock came back with a vengeance, the The Last of Us rocked the survival horror scene … oh, and they released the PS4 and the Xbox One. There was also another Call of Duty, but isn’t there one of them every few months? There’s so much to chose from that it’s nigh on impossible to pick a favorite moment from the year gone by. So, it’s safe to say that 2013 proved to be a decent year in the world of video-games, but can we hope for much of the same from 2014?"

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PSVita2755d ago

Of course they do but Sony and even Nintedo are dropping bombs on them so far

dedicatedtogamers2755d ago

X1 has plenty to offer in 2014. The better question is, does X1 have plenty to offer in late 2015 onward? Microsoft's development talent is at an all-time low (they've closed veteran studios in favor of scrambling to hobble together Kinect-focus devs and then push them into making "real" games). Sure, we'll see a few exclusives pop up, but considering the fact that all of the X1's launch titles (with the exception of Forza 5) were actually carry-overs from the 360 definitely points to the fact that Microsoft does not have the same development muscle they once had with the Xbox and XBox 360.

I dunno. I guess we'll wait and see. "Wait and see" seems to be the name of the game for the Xbox brand, lately.

pompombrum2755d ago

I think that's the real question, what does X1 have to offer in 2015 and after that.. I mean so far from what's announced, I'd argue X1 has a stronger line-up of releases coming out this year however can they or are they prepared to keep that sort of momentum going throughout the X1's lifespan? After the last few years of the 360, I'm not entirely convinced.

Pogmathoin2755d ago

Will be interesting to see what E3 will bring, hopefully some surprises, then we will relabel this next year for what will X1 have in 2016....

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32755d ago

"I dunno. I guess we'll wait and see. "Wait and see" seems to be the name of the game for the Xbox brand, lately."

Lol, that sounds awfully like the PS4 to me. Besides Infamous, what do you folks have coming? I think it's you folks who will be playing the wait and see approach 'til 2015.

AndrewLB2755d ago

So did you make this up all yourself or are you repeating what you heard from someone else that also has those knee-pads?

Personally, I'm not buying either console. But I see so much rubbish posted by obvious fanboys that it should be corrected.

Automatic792755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )


You seem to be living under a rock with all the new developer/game announcments that we been hearing in the last few months.

You hear about a new project from 343
Rare is hiring to bring back existing IP/games
Lionhead has a new project that has nothing to do with Fable
London Lift is creating games
Black tusk is hiring a top notch writer for story driven experience
MS Japan Studios looking to launch new IP
Undead Labs just got hired for a Multiyear contract
Press Play is creating games and many more
Turn 10 will continue to create

Development talent is at an all time high. You are seeing it already. Jump On and stop the BS.

minimur122755d ago

Sometmes when there's articles like this or top 10 articles, instead of clicking onthe link I quickly look at the tags so I don't have to read it. lmao

and Totally off topic:
I read someting that said 'I thought we all had agreed that a game with 'video game' at the end is totally unnaceptable'
but then I thought,
no body seems to give a sh*t about The Walking Dead: The Video Game

Noobz12755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

People like dedicated seem to be a dime a dozen on this site. I laugh at his comment of wait and see. The same can be said about the PS4.

Little does he know Microsoft has more games in development now than at any time in the history of the xbox. But hey that's why he's dedicated just like so many others here ready to comment about the system even though they have no intentions of ever supporting it.

Charybdis2755d ago

Wait I thought Halo 5, Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive were set for release in 2014 not 2015 or did the author of the article made a mistake in years?

EVILDEAD3602755d ago

Well said Michael +bubz

'You seem to be living under a rock with all the new developer/game announcments that we been hearing in the last few months.'

It's crystal clear that MS had a big amount of games to play since launch and have announced enough upcoming games since last years E3.

The Next big title is obviously Titan fall, but the big 3 beyond are definitely the monster that is Halo 5, but Quantum and the Black Tusk project look like they are positioning to be big as well.

Project S., Sunset, that new 'racer' that seems to be brewing (P. Gotham?),the project from the 'state of Decay' team, Lionhead's 2 projects etc.

Not to mention all the devs that take advantage of the indie program that uses the X1 as a dev kit.

Fun times ahead for X1 fans


Ritsujun2755d ago Show
truefan12755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Lol the ps4 fanboys are sad that greatness awaits........................ .until at leas 2015.
The XB1 lineup is better than any of the big 3 systems. XB1 only has one staple game, the rest are new fresh games. ps4 will be boasting a bunch of rehashed games like infamous and uncharted, drive club was scared to go up against forza, and the order looks like beautiful garbage. XB1 on the other hand has Titanfall, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, PvZ, Quantum break, Fable Legends, D4, Kinect Sports, and Halo 5. XB1 has games for everyone. ps4 players keep boasting better specs, talking about 720, and watching 3x more_(you know)__ while XB1 players are playing all the games you will be able to play and then some.

DoubleM702755d ago

No it's not it's an all time high. Quit basing Xbox One off of old news for the 360. Truth of the matter is they have been stacking Devs since 2008. Every since Phil Spencer took over.

Here is the real deal behind their Developement teams.

Microsoft Studios contains 28 studios worldwide, 24 for game development (343 Industries, Rare, Lionhead, Turn 10, Twisted Pixel, and Black Tusk, which comprises multiple teams working on multiple titles concurrently) and 7 for entertainment technology advancement and publishing:

Sony didn't build their brand over night it tooks sometime. They bought up alot of Devs also everything was not home grown. They also closed alot of studios in the Past 10yrs.

liquidhalos2755d ago

I waited and waited for the last few years of my 360s life, games got drier and drier. That was one of the main deciding factors for me to switch to ps4. I coulndt justify buying into xbox again, with the 360 it started good and got bad, sadly ms have given me no reason to think it wont be the same again.

xxShadow-Shockxx2755d ago

The only thing that catches my eye for 2014 for XBox One is maybe Titanfall. I Do not like Halo so thats why I didn't mention it.

MorePowerOfGreen2755d ago

Don't forget the free dedicated cloud compute servers and XB1 being a dev kit later on will cause an explosion of games.

Fanboys shouldn't question or make fake possibilities of how long MSFT will support XB1 software. The company has retooled for a 1st and 2nd party strategy, heads at MSFT like Phil Spencer is leading the charge with their billion or more on this. Might as well give up on the stealth trolling damage control suggesting support will end short after launch.

MSFT has said they were doing this before the 360 even launched. Build base, earn 3rd party loyalty on 360 then go heavy with exclusives with whatever new console comes out after 360. Phil is seeing this plan through.

Cueil2755d ago

Microsoft generally doesn't make announcements about First party stuff that isn't going to come out the next year... so you'll hear about the 2015 stuff this E3... that's how they roll

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mos61422755d ago

exactly what bomb is Nintendo dropping?

Hanso2755d ago

Bayonetta 2
The next Zelda
STM x Fire Emblem

meanwhile at MS
yeah Halo whatever..

dedicatedtogamers2755d ago

@ Hanso

You forgot Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and DKC Tropical Freeze, also slated to come out this year, not to mention they've barely announced anything for 3DS in 2014, which is sure to get at least 2 or 3 titles (other than Kirby and Yoshi)

quaneylfc2755d ago

Super smash bros kills all, i would trade in all the available games to be able to play that on an xbox one or ps4.

H0RSE2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I remember someone bought my wife Smash Bros. for her Wii on her birthday. Everyone was raving about it, so my wife asked for it. We all played it for like 30 mins. and never touched it since. I never saw the appeal in that game.

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spankdaddi2755d ago

haha... 'nuclear' is a funny word to say aloud

Magicite2755d ago

''Does the Xbox One have anything to offer in 2014?''
''Does the Xbox One have better things to offer than Playstation 4?''
-I dont think so.

christocolus2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )


lol Dude you must be joking or just being a very naive fanboy...Id say they have more than enough to offer in 2014, even more than the competition.

Kinect sports rivals
Sunset overdrive
Fable legends
Quantum break
Project Spark
Titan fall.


By march they are also going to be announcing the first wave of xbx indie games, add that to the awesome third party multiplats and youve got a great line up.

quaneylfc2755d ago

woldn't say dropping bombs. for me game-wise the xbox one is miles more interesting. Quantum break hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo!

ThePope2755d ago

$1 BILLON spent on new Xbox One game development.

Enough said.

JeffGUNZ2755d ago

Shhh! You're not allowed to make sense and back it up by facts here, what are you thinking!?

Bubbles up brother!

PSVita2755d ago

That's the funny thing

*#1 on the ps4 side was a tech demo

DrRobotnik2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Enjoy your billion dollars worth of cloud powered bots. >>titan fall. Perfect dark zero part two.

SpideySpeakz2754d ago


10% of that went into doing absolutely NOTHING with the controller.
50% on Advertisements, contest, promotions, TIMED DLC lol
30% on Kinent bs, see-through wall technology, NSA installation.
9% on actual hardware, low tech, inferior specs.
1% on actual first party games. WOW, what a 'next-gen'.. It's comparable to the Wii U, but at least the Wii U has first party games lol

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otherZinc2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

The Author is stupid. This is another site that can't be trusted like "spawnfifst".

This author is so misinformed; saying Halo5, Quantum Break, and Sunset Overdrive looks to be 2015 releases...No. If this guy would read about the industry, he'd know Halo 5 will release in winter 2014. Quantum Break is to release summer 2014, but I'm not sure of that as the date was pushed back to the summer. Same for Sunset Overdrive.

But! To miss the Halo 5 date is ridiculous.
Halo 5 is a true system seller. Halo 5 will be responsible for a minimum of 2million XBOX ONE consoles sold by itself the day it releases.

The real question is what does the PS4 have for 2014? All I see is Drive Club n & Infamous as exclusives... and these 2 games aren't going to move any consoles.

Francis22755d ago

Noted on the release date for Halo. I've amended the post. I've never personally been that much of a Halo fan to be honest. QB looks pretty sick though.

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jackanderson19852755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

plenty i'd say... they've third party support, they've some first/second party games coming out (some that look good depending on ur preferences of course)... and they've a handful of timed/console exclusives that'll help em drum up the numbers on the console.

for me it's PvZ: GW, titanfall and halo whatever it'll be called (if it's 2014 release) as the most wanted but knowing myself i'll probably buy the majority of games released on the X1

Gamer19822755d ago

They have 3rd party exclusive DLC titanfall and halo thats it.. Wouldn't call it plenty..

CynicalKelly2755d ago

Wasn't all the games at E3 to come in 2014? Like Fable, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Quantum Break, Project Spark, Plants Versus Zombies as well as Titanfall and Halo? That seems like plenty to me.

jackanderson19852755d ago

i said 3rd party support not third party exclusives but i did mention timed/console exclusives which they do have in Below, PvZ, titanfall, cobalt and that's all i know off the top of my head... i'm sure there's others planned or underwraps which i'm not privy to... plus theirs the first/second party games that i haven't listed

speedforce1312755d ago

@CynicalKelly - they never said ANYTHING about 2014. Gamers just assumed that.

NatureOfLogic2755d ago ShowReplies(7)
Fishy Fingers2755d ago

Lots of great looking games coming to the X1 in 2014. I haven't got one yet, but any level headed gamer can see they've got some quality stuff on the horizon.

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