Video review Guitar Hero II

The first Guitar Hero was a big success on the Playstation 2. The second part is also coming to Xbox 360, good move or not? Checkout this video review.

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kmis874451d ago

Food for thought: They gave Guitar Hero 2 a 9.6, and Gears a 9.1. Also, if you go to gamerankings, the two games have identical scores at the moment.

I'll be the first to say that this doesn't really mean anything except that the two games are masterpieces of their respective genres. Both are must haves in my opinion. I was just interested in how other great games like Guitar Hero 2, Final Fantasy XII, and even Call of Duty 3, the successor to the 360's most popular game (well, former most popular game I guess), seem to be getting less attention due to Gears' overwhelming hype, not that it isn't deserved.

For those 360 and ps3 gamers who are holding out for the next gen versions of Guitar Hero, congratulations, you have greater willpower than I do apparently. I guess I just love this game too much for my own good.

Morbius4204450d ago

for the 360 version but I couldn't resist. I'm still going to get the 360 version because of all the plans they have for it and the achievments of course.