10 Million Xbox 360s by Year's End, Microsoft Confirms

Despite doubts and rumors, Microsoft confirms the shipment of 10 million 360s by the end of 2006

According to the Houston Chronicle, Peter Moore, vice president of Microsoft, confirmed the company's expectation to ship 10 million Xbox 360 units by the end of 2006, and 13 to 15 million by June 30, 2007.

"The real growth here is getting to that moderate gamer," said Moore at a video game conference in New York. "We need to bring them to the box," as Microsoft is surely bringing the box to them -- 10 million 'boxes' to be exact.

October marked the 6 millionth Xbox 360 shipped for Microsoft.

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TheMART4457d ago

It was 6 million sold at the end of August if I'm right.

And yeah I do think they ship and sell 10 million at the end of this year.

Gears just out and it sells systems. Add Viva Piniata to it for the kids and the people that don't like blood and gore and it's set.

This Christmas millions of consumers want to shop presents/consoles. In next gen war 360 and PS, PS3 only has 500k on the shelves. The rest of the millions will buy a 360.

There you go. 10 million it's not that hard to sell. Especially not when one sees Gears of War running on the system in the shops! Man there is nothing like it on any other system. Not even on PC nowadays that has this quality and is out (I am not talking about future projects now like Crysis etc.)

DC RID3R4457d ago

don't get me wrong, a few ps3 games do look REAL good!!

i've been watching ps3 hd footage on my tv, and whilst its never the same as the real thing, it gives a pretty damn good inclination of what to expect from the machine.

motorstorm, ff13, and resistance ALL look quite stunning, but the thing IS, once you SEE gears of war, IT'S ALL OVER, ps3 G3TS PWND!!!!

i think gears alone will sell between 2-4 million copies, and the 360 to have amazing sales this crimbo!!!!


synLamont4457d ago

just to get this straight 480,000 will be at launch not for the whole holiday season and as much as you want Viva Piniata to be a system sell
it won't be while Gears of War will be 360's best
system seller to date.

TheMART4457d ago


Yeah Gears will be THE system seller this Christmas.

But don't forget all those parents shopping for their kids. Now what did they see and love on TV the last months?

Right. Viva Piniata the TV series.

What do you think they want? Right Viva Piniata the game. What do they need to get that? Cry the ears of their parents to give them a 360 with a copy of Viva...

Now there you go. It'll be one of the runner ups this holiday that will sell. Not all parents want their kids to shoot and have gore and blood with Gears you know

synLamont4457d ago

i agree with you on Viva Piniata selling a large amount of copies of game but i really don't think it would sell to many consoles.

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Islandkiwi4457d ago

Gears of War is a system seller, to be sure. And if you own a 360, this game will be in your library.

But the bottom line is that the consoles that will sell are the consoles in stock...and that's the 360 and, to a lesser extent, the Wii.

OutLaw4457d ago

Considering it's the holidays and Sony coming up with a shortage of systems then yeah maybe MS could sell that many systems. But it's not going to be easy.

THAMMER14457d ago

This shortage will be looked at as worse than the 360's shortage. Sony die-hard fans have been suffering for more than a year. They have no games to reward loyalty and they do not even get a competitive price break. It will not be easy at all.

THWIP4457d ago

MS was largely forgiven for the shortages, because they were first to market, BY A WHOLE YEAR, with their next-gen console. That Sony had that extra year, and still fails to the "price of potential"....really takes the sting out of the 360's early shortcomings. I'd say at least 60% of those who were waiting this past year for the PS3, will now get AT LEAST a 360...maybe the Wii60 combo, instead.

Silver Bull3t4457d ago

I'm not hatin' by any means, but do these numbers seem a bit off....? So it took 11 months to ship 6 million. They predict shipping 4 million more in 2 months (nov/dec). And then it'll take 6 months to ship another 4 million consoles... I know the holiday season sells alot of hardware but these numbers seem kinda wonky. Sure, Gears is teh sh1t, but even more great titles are lined up for first quarter next year... I'd think the shipping numbers wouldn't be so drastically less than holiday 06' (basically a 33% decrease).

THWIP4457d ago

...the Holidays account for about about 50% of sales for most retail outlets.....even more for consumer electronics. Also, the sales average sales #s for the holiday shopping season (Oct, Nov, Dec) are about 300% higher than the other 3 yearly quarters.

calderra4457d ago

If you're mystified how this math holds up, think of the numbers in the greater picture.

Microsoft expects to have shipped 10million consoles by year's end, and they basically expect shortages over Christmas as people snag up every unit they can possibly get to stores. THAT's how this would add up. And it's certainly plausible.

-360 has sold 6 million with lots more coming to market soon.
-Wii plans to open up with over 2million consoles shipping, and lots more to follow because production has been going for a while.
-PS3 is fighting diode shortages that make their 400,000 estimate look hard to achieve.

That could mean that over PS3's launch window, they're up against nearly 10x as many competing consoles being available (2mil Wii and 2+mil 360s if Microsoft is hitting its targets).


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