New Killzone 2 Direct Feed Screens and Updated Impressions

More impressions from Magazine writer TTP from the SCEE event which was held on tuedays:

"Ok, just got back from London and I guess it's time for me to share some Killzone 2 impressions with you.

First of all, in order to actually play the game I had to wait in line for around a fucking hour. Just three kiosks + dozens of people all playing the demo from start to finish = me spending half of the even watching others playing.

By the time I got the DS3 in my hands, I already knew the demo in and out. Could almost do it all blindly."

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Ghoul3910d ago

although i wont approve forum posts

his impression of the game are spot on, killzone2 is one hellghast of a game, totally my wost wanted game this gen since i first saw it in 05

decapitator3910d ago

Yeah I understand your point but he actually writes for one of the UK magazines that is why i posted his impressions. If it was any other person, I would not have bothered with it.

Ghoul3910d ago

aight this time i approve then but get another source if possible too

decapitator3910d ago

Alright man. Thanks. Appreciated.

fenderputty3910d ago

Is GAF like the only place a forum post is considered acceptable? There's just so many people involved in gaming that post there.

Good impressions. I like the part where he talks about the lack of aliasing issues even when sitting up close. This game is a monster.

sonarus3910d ago

3 things i need to see from KZ2 to qualify it the most intense shooter of all time.
1. when those explosions go off there have to be craters. The explosions are scripted so i really don't see why not.

2. The gun sounds are weak. Considering all the hollywood effect being used, i am surprised at how weak the gun sounds

3. A.I. won't say much here but from what i understand only a couple of shots and you are dead. They need to get FEAR A.I. in this game. Make it so you die if you don't take cover and you are constantly being flanked.

If those 3 are addressed, the game wins in all ways. There also seem to be some missing animations such as healing animations. Would be just sad if they missed that

fenderputty3909d ago

People at the GAF forums that saw and played the game thought the sound was awesome. The craters things would be cool. I think the AI is going to be fine though. I guess we'll see. Still .. it's going to be the most intense and immersive game ever. The lighting and everything else just looks so realistic.

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the worst3910d ago

good break down
I mite go out a paid this in full
next week

xtreampro3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

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Juevani3910d ago

Becus u cant just add the email and the password and go.. u need to kinda set up a new user and account, and then u'll get the choice between *New Account* or *Old Account and I have a username and password* try that it'll work fine, add least on mine its workin perfect and fast.. have u tried this feature on the Xbox 360?? it'll take u ages to get it done, does anyone known another way to make it work faster on the 360?? thx in advance

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