Xbox 360 Rumors: Larger HDDs, HDMI Cables and Game Price Drops

According to a Destructoid mole, a major announcement from Microsoft should come around November 22nd, the start of downloadable movies and television shows on the Xbox 360, that announces several big developments for gamers.

• On the hard drive: They are going to announce and release 80GB or 100GB hard drives, but not sure yet which one but possibly both. As well as the future 160GB and 200GB options.
• Cables: HDMI cables and prices should follow this hard drive news. Expect a $69.99 price.
• Game price drops: The Outfit for the 360 is dropping to $10 at Best Buy "FOR SURE." It's also a solid rumor that many will drop to $15 and $20 through the holidays. Madden 06, PDZ, THUG, King Kong, NHL06, Ridge Racer (already is) and most dated sports games.

None of these rumors sounds too outlandish and I happen to know for a fact that at least the larger hard drives and Outfit price drop are absolutely true. I just can't wait for Microsoft to announce all these HD and gamer-at-large friendly announcements just as Sony brings everyone into the next generation of gaming and true high definition.

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THWIP4452d ago

...that the larger HDDs were in fact coming. It's really a no-brainer...particularly with the new HD DLC coming.

Mr Murda4452d ago

We knew this was coming, but I definitely want some price breaks on the HDD. This is the key, but it's risky cause that would imply a price drop for the premium system. Perhaps if they start including a game or LIVE subscription with the premium then they could justify $400.

No one can deny that $100 for 20GB is too much. Let's cut that in half and offer me a 80GB for $100. Now we're talking.

Gotta Love MS!

ScorpioKyle4452d ago

the outfit will be 9.99 at bestbuy as a Door Buster deal on black friday.

calderra4452d ago

-Games dropping to $20? Absolutely. But this doesn't look like a Microsoft move per se, it looks more like the Target and Best Buy deals we see every Christmas.

-Larger HDD? I don't see a need. I have a dozen CDs ripped to my console, a few demos, all the Arcade trials, dozens of videos, and I still have several gigs free. Unless you're a demo maniac who absolutely HAS to have ALL their videos in HD, the hard drive is plenty big. Then again, I suppose that's exactly what some people want the HDD for. Diff'rent strokes, diff'rent folks.

-HDMI? I think stores like Gamestop already have listings for them at this point. These are definately coming, and coming soon.

Mr Murda4452d ago

...but 20GB isn't good enough for me. This isn't about me hanging on to all of the demos or videos, but it's about convenience. I know that if I pay for an arcade game or a video that I can always go back and download it again, but I'm not going to do that (and not many will). For me, games like FNR3, and THP8 aren't games I would buy, but I'll go mess around on the demo for a while. I don't want to have to re-download those every time I want to mess around for a few minutes. Also, with TV shows and movies coming out we'll need the extra space not to just keep it, but to download it. 5GB for a HD movie is a lot of space when you only have 10GB or so to REALLY work with.

m234452d ago

But I am scared of the price of the hard drive, if it costs a lot I probably won't buy it, anywhere over $150 is too much for me. I live in Canada so it'll probably cost me more.
The price drops look good but I doubt I'll buy any of the old games, maybe Outfit

THWIP4452d ago

...I think we'll see a complete restructuring of the 2 SKUs. The core will eventually get the standard 20GB HDD, and the premium will get a 60 or 80GB...with the $300/$400 prices remaining the same. The optional HDDs, will be priced between $100-$200, depending on size. They may even have a new Multimedia SKU, bundled with a larger HDD, and the HD-DVD player, for $600.

Of course that's all just one man's opinion. ;)

Mr Murda4452d ago

This only makes sense cause the direction MS is going with the 360 is all about digital downloads and Zune compatability. What do you need to make this happen in an effective manner...a bigger HDD.

Modifying the SKU's seems like a logical move for MS.

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