Speed Racer vs Ironman: No Contest For Gamers

Hollywood has a ton of concerns about Warner Bros. "Speed Racer," (TWX) opening this weekend. It's opening into tough competition with "Iron Man," which grabbed a huge swath of dudes/geeks/moviegoers last week. Many members of that same demo just spent hundreds of millions on GTA IV (TTWO). Least important but not a great sign: Reviewers say its just not that good.

But here's one reason for a glimmer of hope for the big-budget Wachowski Brothers' film. In the battle for the video game tie-ins, Speed Racer is taking the lead. Reviews for the Speed Racer game (produced by Warner's in-house game group) have been generally good, while gamers have panned Sega's Iron Man.

It's early for sales numbers, but Speed Racer the game is already outselling Iron Man on Amazon on the Nintendo Wii, which began selling both May 6.

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