Surfer Girl quits - we am cry

Sadness. Surfer Girl's made her last post, saying that the point of her blog was to "force folks to pay attention to important things going on in the real world and encourage them to become activists for social and political progress. I probably failed miserably, but at least I tried."

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sonarus3867d ago

Quit fronting. You know you love the attention. She'll be back ppl

cloud3603867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

dont worry guys. i will take her place!!!!

u can call me gherkin fried rectum squezze from now on, or rectum head for short

coz al be pulling shiit out of my ass for you guys. the harder i squezee my rectum the more bullshite it will smell of

so you better be thankful. hope you like the rumours ;)) 2 chins

- floppy-faced cracklump has spoken

Adriana Lima3867d ago

gherkin fried rectum squezze from now on, or rectum head for short
can you pull a rabbit out of your arse?

jadenkorri3867d ago

thank god, or someone, or maybe it was all of us that discouraged him enough to quit, the power of the interweeb....i can say for sure, surfer guy i am not gonna miss...

Charlie26883867d ago

She/he/it is blatantly an attention whore all her blogs screamed that I mean just look at the "cryptic" messages...the "teases"...the bunch of worthless and random crap she posted to make people go nuts just to come back and say it was nothing game related...but be sure to come back!

that "thing" will be back in some other form and possibly name if she doesn't come back with an excuse as of why she is back after her "dramatic" exit "back by popular demand" or some other crap

pharmd3867d ago

between her n gamesblow leaving i feel the gaming world has become a better place :p

Tomdc3866d ago

I hope she neva comes back! Good Riddance!

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niall773867d ago

its not like the internet is full it or anything.

we are screwed

Condoleezza Rice3867d ago

How much will you pay me for the information

cloud3603867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

i will you douche bag. look at my above post . or you wannt fighttt hehhh. you wanna compete to be the biggest douche bag

coz al just come over there and rip your ass hole apart. litraly. i will make u gay

-freckled faced ass melon has spoken

edit: hey tard-nosed dirty-breasted crotchdemon above it was a joke

Homicide3867d ago

Wasn't there a snowboard guy? I remember Surfer Girl saying about him being "credible" like her.

Marceles3867d ago

finally...what took so long

heyheyhey3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

oh... my... god, is it true?

its safe to come outside children, the dangerous BS rumors of Evil Girl have finally cleared- we can breath the unpolluted air again :)

seriously though, good riddance