PC Gamers Angered by EA's New Copy Protection System

GP writes: "Hotly-anticipated PC titles Spore and Mass Effect will be among the first wave of PC games from EA to employ a controversial form of copy protection."

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the worst3817d ago

they will crack it
i say it will take 1day the most

gamesR4fun3817d ago

"have made some call for a boycott of the titles and others to declare an intention to pirate the game out of spite."

amen personally i wont support any game with this kind of retarded copyrighting. Furthermore this will certainly drive demand for the cracked version to new heights.

Ghoul3817d ago

copyprotection like these and others in the past actually was one of the reasons i stoped pc gaming.

Vojkan3817d ago

And people hate Sony? The only bright spot in gaming industry, rest of them bunch of greedy ......... thank you Sony for being what you are, king, best of the best, one and only, legend

DiabloRising3817d ago

If it can be created, it can be cracked. It's upsetting that piracy exists, but I think the solution is to target the Torrent sites, not punish customers who wish to actually own these games legitimately.

Gorgon3817d ago

Amen. All they are doing is screwing their legitimate costumers while not achieving anything regarding piracy. Good way to keep PC gaming alive...

M337ING3817d ago

I agree.

On a happier note, was hit with a $100 million lawsuit from the MPAA. They won't be stealing games or movies ever again.

CrazzyMan3817d ago

btw, piracy - is when you are selling an intellegent property, that doesn`t belong to you.
also, you can`t steal an intellegent property. =)

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The story is too old to be commented.