Hillary Goldstein acknowledges money driven bias on IGN

Variety video games reporter and reviews editor Ben Fritz writes: "I'm really not the type to get into feuds, but I'm also not the type to abandon my positions or to let a public insult go unanswered.
Which is why, of course, I have to address IGN's response in GameDaily to my post about the ethical problems with "exclusive reviews." Particularly since their response was simultaneously so paltry and also so revealing about exactly why this practice is really troubling."

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Asurastrike3817d ago

I love IGN, they review games fairly and are usually of the same opinion as I am.

Don3817d ago

that Hilary dude is a total joke. Remember when this c0cksucker called Jade Empire the best game evar? and now a 10 for GTAIV?

Don't believe his reviews.

kornbeaner3817d ago

I was into that article.....until he mentioned gamespot and their "integrity". I might be mistaken but wasn't their some sort of scandal over Kane and Lynch, and a 6.5 score it received. He had me up until that point.

I feel that if a company can win an exclusive review without and I repeat without guarantying a positive score or high score then more power to ya. But if you have to guarantee 8s and 9s when the game deserve only 5s and 6's then that were you just became a B!TCH and should just stop doing what your doing.