Avid Gamer: Grid Demo Impressions

Avid Gamer sit down with the demo for Race Driver: Grid and are pleasantly surprised. After a run of poor titles from Codemasters, are they finally getting something right?

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LevDog3867d ago

Horrible.. I just deleted this demo.. I got to the first turn hit a guy spun out.. got back on the track and all I could do was doughnuts.. I was doing superfast doughnuts for no reason.. I tap the gas and hit left or rite on the track and I spin out like crazy made no sense... HORRIBLE

spectyre3867d ago

This title wasn't on my radar at all that definately has changed after the demo. What a great feeling of speed and the visuals are top notch. Looks to be a very enjoyable game.

Snoozer2823866d ago

It really is isn't it? It's just so much fun.

level 3603866d ago

Very good demo, good line-up of racecars and a few minor complaints hope it gets fixed once the full version comes-out.

DomUltra3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

The game just sucks, the Dev's promise of GRID rivaling GT5, hell even GT5P came crashing down as soon as I started off playing 10 seconds into launching the first race. The arcade feel is ridiculous, they want to engage GT5 in a boxing match with an ARCADE RACER? HELLO?

The sense of speed is ridiculous this reminds me of a better version of Juiced, I may have to say even NFS:Prostreet is better, 90k/m feels like a rocket taking off, have Codemasters ever been in a car? seriously? Every car feels like it has at least 500 HP under the hood, did they do their research? Most drifting cars don't go over 500, hell most don't even go over 350.

All in all, this is just a updated DiRT engine, with racing/tuner cars on tarmac, this isn't a new IP this is a re-hash.

The over dramatized sense of speed is what gets me the most,150 KM is FAST, 200 KM is FAST, 80-90 KM is not FAST that's just speeding.

The graphics are no where near as promised either, I'm sorry if your gonna hate on a Legendary race franchise such as GT, say your gonna do better, and then not deliver, your an epic failure, I look forward to Codemasters next re-hash of the F1 series, pathetic.

sl0w-m03865d ago

Although you're a little harsh, I agree. I didn't know much about this game before I downloaded the demo, I actually thought it was a driving sim. Well I was in for a big surprise when I played it, the driving is really arcadey and the cars feel too light like they don't have any real weight to them at all. They shouldn't of used the DiRT engine for this game, it was ok for a rally game but not for this type of game.

The only thing I have to disagree with though is the graphics, I think they look great. They're atleast on par with NFS Prostreet if not better

Snoozer2823866d ago

The online was very smooth as well, that pleased me.

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