Is Killzone's Reputation Deserved?

Killzone has a reputation for being the PS3's flagship franchise. To pick a representative quote from IGN's recent preview of Killzone 2:

"Since that video at 2005's E3, Guerilla's Killzone 2 has earned itself – for better and for worse – a reputation as a flagship title for Sony's PlayStation 3 and the console's ability to usher in a new generation of fully immersive digital entertainment."

But why is this considered such a flagship franchise? Does it have a reputable developer, were early Killzone titles particularly loved, or does this title hint at to do something really new and exciting? No. None of the above.

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toughNAME4524d ago (Edited 4524d ago )

I've never been so inclined to address someone as Captain Obvious

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criticalzero4524d ago

I bet you Resistance will have a better metacritic score than KZ2 without a doubt

Maddens Raiders4524d ago (Edited 4524d ago )

from PS3 and KILLZONE despisers, but so what -- you are who you are....

..With that, I loved KILLZONE and played it incessantly from launch up until the launch of the PS3. Before the PS3 launched I played Madden, KILLZONE, and Gran Turismo like it was my job. (Madden actually helped me make money to f*ck off for months at a time, but that's a whole other story).

I took KILLZONE with me on the road everywhere I went from hotel room to hotel room. My friends and I played it all the time (I've told this story a thousand times on N4G I know, but bear with me) and that's when Halo 1 was still kicking a lot of ass and everyone was playing it and those guys loved KZ as well - it was a riot. It made me happy, because that was just more people to play with on a local level whenever I was back home.

The things that made the game so fun for all of us wasn't the unbridled power of the PS2 or colors on screen, or anything like that. In fact it was the fact that it was grainy, and dark...the mood was simply War.

The reloads with all weapons were a trademark unto themselves, and the sounds of the weapons -- outstanding. Online play was a team based frag-athon that was ----I don't know how else to put it -- it was just fkn great. The The ISA 203's, automatic grenade launcher, Rico's chain gun, grenade pistol, and Helghast machine gun were some of the best.

Camping and sniping from the towers in the Southern Hills, to Ambushing and sneak attacking in the Park Terminal, to holding your team's ground at the Beachhead -- it was great, great fun to us. The claustrophobic corridors of Vekta and the all out blood baths in the Orbital Station proved to us that this game was more than a "play and forget" title on the PS2. It had us ALL wondering what the next installment would be like and we couldn't wait.

I held my breath after E305 and wondered if the dream would ever come true. Then came last year's brigadoon-like showing of the now famous trailer -- and today we see that GG is getting closer and closer to that Keighley ridiculed "reality" day, after day.

KILLZONE II is one of three main games for which I bought my PS3.
GT, KZ, and FF are the games I want and will wait for however long it is until they are released. I guess I am a fanatic for these games, but like I are who you are. KILLZONE on the PS2 had some of the best (lobby) music and overall sounds that I looked for in a game at the time -- and still to this day.

Like I said, I used to play with another member here on N4G named AlitheWise all the time. Believe me, he was not easy to convince to play the game. My cousin Johnny was the leader of the P.I.C. clan for a long time (another very reluctant fan) and I was the SFII clan grouped w/:
Drivn1, S A G A T,That Texas Weed, Major Bludd, YoUr GrEeD, and Clerics-Hellgate...all true, true players. We invented *ParkHelL*, which went through a million variations and adopted my thousands worldwide.

There was an underground feeling about playing this game with all the people we did at the time, and it's funny that Sony (to me) picked up on this vibe and saw what we saw in the game; now making it the flagship title. I don't know if it's something they saw on the boards or what, but one thing is for sure -- there are a lot of guys and gals (yes there were even KILLZONE that are eagerly anticipating this game. I haven't run into any of my old KILL+ZONE mates here on N4G except for AlitheWise, but if you are an ex-player, and an aficionado of the series raise your hands in agreement and holla if you here me with the agree button.

KILLZONE II deserves all the hype and praise and is the game that insiders from the PS2 days, circa 2003-2004 have been waiting for -- for a long, long time.

edit/: at Daishi - totally agree. People did try to make KZ into some sort of Halo for the PS2, I remember that. Halo was a great game on it's own on the XBox and KILLZONE had nothing to do with that at all. It wa unfortunate that people were leaping to that conclusion to even compare the two as such. They have two totally different visions of their realities. Like you said...KILLZONE is KILLZONE.

Daishi4524d ago

Madden I can honestly say I agree with you 100% on this. But the problem is what people try to make this game in their minds, Halo. Cliffy B. even said at E3'04 I believe that Killzone was going to be Sony's Halo. It's no where close, and that's a good thing. If I want Halo, I play Halo. I didn't enjoy Killzone because it fooled me into believing I was playing Halo, at all times I felt like I was playing Killzone and nothing else. Killzone is Killzone, not a copy, clone, or ripoff. It's that plain and simple.

games4fun4524d ago

after watching gameplay videos for killzone 2 i have to say it is earned now

Monchichi0254524d ago

I'm looking forward to Killzone 2 as much as anyone. But let's be real here, Killzone 1 was not that good!

I think we're looking forward to it because the video released so far look SOOOO much better! It actually looks fun this time around.

Niko Bellic4524d ago

Killzone will be amazing. But it isnt the flag carrier.....something else is..

Panthers4524d ago

Sony doesnt have a "flagship" game like other systems, it has an entire fleet of high profile titles. That is what draws people in. There is an amazing game from nearly every genre. For me it is Socom. Others it is FFXIII, Twisted Metal, Killzone, Resistance, Resident Evil, GT5, GTA4, ect. It carries AAA titles from every genre, and does not have a single mascot. Right now the closest thing the PS3 has to a mascot is either R&C or Resistance.

AscendedConservative4524d ago

yeah, socom is my all time favorite. i'm not sure what it is, but in my opinion socom destroys all competition. i love the 3rd/1st person option; required tactical execution; the thrill of hunting down your enemy; the fact that you gotta be extremely skilled to take out an entire enemy squad by urself; the fact you only have a limited amount of health per round with no regen; realistic aiming, firing and recoil, and the fact that seal team is teh $hit. anyways, i'm sure KZ2 will be good but not great. the field is too saturated with standard FPS games. COD4 is a great game, but it is only a fast paced game. socom has fast and more tactical/slow game play mixed throughout.

-ascended conservative
Homey_D_Klown (socom and psn name)

Maddens Raiders4524d ago (Edited 4524d ago )

No doubt on SOCOM - a PlayStation stalwart.

Not disputing the greatness of SOCOM at all or the largesse of other games as I myself and Panthers mentioned like GT, FF, hell,
MGS,R&C, GodoW, TwistedM,KZ just to mention a little slice of the old PS2 library. All I was saying is that KZ was loved by many people -- believe me. It just wasn't a hyped juggernaut, and yes was a great effort put together by, at the time, a burgeoning GG team.

So, for fanboys on this site to discount it and yell about how bad it was and throw up gamecores -- I say that they never even played it and don't have a leg on which to stand when trying to make a point from anger and irrationality.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong -- but last time I checked (some time ago) the reader score for KZ was around 8.5. Socom i a great, great game played by millions over the years, but for some reason Sony has decided to pour the mother's milk all over this title.

On that note Conservative, how can you be "sure" that KZ2 will be good but not great?

cmrbe4524d ago

correct. PS dosen't have a flagship title. It has a sh*tload of high profile games catering for every type of gamers. Even now Sony are touting both Resitance AND Killzone as games FPS fans should buy the PS3 for. Note they didn't focus on just one. KZ1 was a great game. It was the best FPS on PS2 that i played.

AscendedConservative4524d ago

honestly, i pretty much based that on the fact that there are simply too many FPS games out there. perhaps KZ2 will add a new, innovative twist/concept to FPS games, but to me it seems it's going to be a very pretty FPS, and that's about it. i do have a strong interest in the story though. if they play that up well, it can be a great game. i have yet to play a FPS with a great story that sucked me in like Halflife a while back, but i have to admit that i have not played every FPS out there so this statement should be taken lightly.

-ascended conservative

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Rick Astley4524d ago (Edited 4524d ago )

Ah just what we needed on n4g. Another blog post.

Just stop and ask yourself. Does Killzone 2 look anything like Killzone 1?

The answer is no.

Killzone = Low budget, small team of developers.
Killzone 2 = High budget, over 150 developers working on it and Insomniac are helping them.

candystop4524d ago

Actually Kz2 looks exactly like kz1 but with a different coat of paint! The Ai is pretty much the same and even the mood looks the same! My answer would be after shellshock nam and KZ1 that these developers dont deserve any credit when it comes to console games and not psp games where talking console!

poopsack4524d ago

Yeah Ill listen to you candystop, instead of believing my own eyes. Cause, you know, your totally not bias or anything.

Ace Ventura4524d ago

Killzone = Developed by noobs

Killzone 2 = Now owned by Sony and a development crew of more than 150 people(very big)...its not even the same development crew. Wayyyy better hardware to run on. An infinite amount of time(almost) and especially money.

Killzone 2 is goign to be a very different game and everyone knows it. Sony didn't even own Guerilla back then. They bought them for a reason though.

CrazzyMan4524d ago (Edited 4524d ago )

The game will be reviewed before release and then we will know, is that an AA game or not.
For now, it`s AA game in term of graphics, animation, lightning, one word - AA in visuals.
And you can`t deny that, and that s the reason why the game is hyped NOW, because of amazing visuals.