Free Wii Internet Channel (watch youtube videos on your wii)

ffwd is a video discovery system that allows wii users to watch internet videos such as youtube videos on their wii. It makes great use of the wii's strength by allowing users to navigate the site with their wiimote.

Furthermore, it has a intelligent filtering system that filter out video sites that is using a more advanced version of Flash(8 & 9) which the wii does not support.

ffwd provides users with a whole new experience of watching internet videos. In addition, ffwd are giving away 150 Wii Internet Channel for beta users to test ffwd on the wii.

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jinn3812d ago

like anyone would be that bored

cloud73808d ago

Is an additional feature for your wii which you can make use of apart from playing game. Wii is known as the "party console" and now you can watch youtube and dailymotion videos on it isn't that a great feature?