Naughty Dog Talking Uncharted 2, New Jak

Falling short of an official confirmation of a sequel, Naughty Dog recently said that it expects to develop future iterations of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

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pwnsause3819d ago

nice, it looks like they want to follow the same formula that Insomniac did, making their engine better by making different games on it.

sonarus3819d ago

This is old. December 2007.

pwnsause3819d ago

true, but i didnt read this until now, lol

Milky3818d ago

i dont like Jak that much. Uncharted is my favourite game this gen.

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Luca Blight3819d ago

Did anyone notice that the new Indiana Jones seems to be inspired by Uncharted (just like Uncharted was inspired by the old Indiana Jones)? Have you seen the locales, from the forest chase scenes to the 4 pillars to the Nazi outpost (control room surround by glass windows in the trailer) to the spiral staircase - I mean, I definetely think someone on the Indy storyboard/design team definetely played some Uncharted.

Gunner_Ali3819d ago

Uncharted 2 Announce it already prob waiting for E3 to say something but yeah the car chase scene in Indiana Jones def looks like from Uncharted

Adriana Lima3819d ago

when i saw the trailer, the jungle location with the jeep chase looked just like uncharted.

eagle213819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

The jungle chase scene (camera angles are identicle!), the columns coming out the ground. You are dead on!!! Bubbles, bubbles,

Anyway bro's, the article starts with the fact they are working on yet another PS3 game outside brainstorming these two AAA games! :)

After the geniusly awesome LittleBigPlanet in 2008, my long ass list of most anticipated PS3 titles in 2009:

Team Ico Project (aka the "Last Canyon")
God of War III
Final Fantasy XIII
Killzone 2
Gran Turismo 5
Uncharted 2
Eight Days
L.A. Noire...

Wowsa. Sorry, I can go on and on..... like getting info on the rumored "Tears of Blood" but you know what we say: Play Frickin' B3yond :p

Ghoul3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

check out this flick


its like a 1to1 uncharted movie

sunken spanish gold treasure
treasure hunter character + 1 girl
asian pirates + 1 western evil boss
SAME friggin boat they travel on as the one uncharted begins on

Luca Blight3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

right back at you guys!

Adriana Lima3819d ago

and it shows only gold... haha.

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Rick Astley3819d ago

Man I would love a new Jak game using the Uncharted engine.

killer_trap3819d ago

same here. i really like the atmosphere naughty dog created with the previous jack games. you've got 50GB to fill naughty dog, please don't disappoint me.

SaiyanFury3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Agreed wholeheartedly. As much as I loved Uncharted, and I did believe me, I would rather see a new Jak game. I got far more enjoyment out of the Jak games than Uncharted.

issa30323819d ago

Dude that article is EXTREMELY old. December 6th. Naughty Dog has undoubtedly already into heavy development on their next project; whatever that may be.

mintaro3819d ago

sonuvab1tch......ive been hoping they'd making another Jak game

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The story is too old to be commented.