Jack Thompson is a Big Meanie

Xopher Reed, an editor/writer at MEGATONik asks Jack Thompson for an interview and is shot down with hilarious results.

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Excremento3867d ago

Seriously, he's trolling the post right frickin now, can't read my simple email, but he can talk smack?!? Typical Jacko, so typical...

xjoshbx3867d ago

that was a great read... THANKS!

games4fun3867d ago

for your insight on showing that jack apparently is just an a$$ to everyone not just gamers

l4wl3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

He's been quiet for a while... let's see if he shows up again.

Niko Bellic3866d ago

That fool, did you know he tried to stop one of the best games of the year, from coming out?