Hideo Kojima Shows Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Actually Running on PS4

Legendary Metal Gear Solid director Hideo Kojima has been testing the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes lately, and today he showcased the game actually running on a PS4 system.

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XiSasukeUchiha1836d ago

Looks Smooth and clean way a go Sony for keeping uselves proper !

thereapersson1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Every time I see Sasuke post, I hope to goodness that English isn't his first language.

alexkoepp1836d ago

Sweet second shot looks like its running on XB1, wonder what he has in store for that Kinect

b163o11836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I think that's a PS camera...oh sheight that is a kinect!!

AceBlazer131836d ago

@thereaper lol, i feel dyslexic every time i read one. You gave me a great laugh there. Thank you.

MRMagoo1231836d ago


The second pic looks like the pic on the monitor is photo shopped and not real to me.

RVanner_1835d ago

There was me trying to work out where the video was.

dantesparda1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )


"Sweet second shot looks like its running on XB1, wonder what he has in store for that Kinect"

What! why? cuz there's a Kinect in the picture? but there's also a DS4 right next to it, so it could be either

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mt1836d ago

sasuke what sake are you drinking lately ?

Rimeskeem1836d ago

i wanna agree but i just cannot understand

Good-Smurf1836d ago

OK,Sony Keeping something...ah forget it,I give up.

_FantasmA_1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Don't listen to the haters. I understood what you said. Some people think the Internet is in English and most of them are quick to correct someones spelling and when they themselves make mistakes in the that very same criticism.

LightofDarkness1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

This is quite clearly an English website. All submissions are required to be in English, and if you wish to contribute and participate, it would be most prudent to know the language quite well. Correcting people isn't necessarily a bad thing. If he's learning the language, it can help. It's not the best way to learn ("shaming"), but it's better than letting it slide completely.

dredgewalker1835d ago

This is a site where english is the primary language. If you're gonna post something on this site then it's just common sense that you post something that is comprehensible. Using google translate doesn't help him and he'd be much better off with a site that speaks his native tongue or that he polish up his english skills.

Morpheuzpr1835d ago

Y si no hablamos en ingles que carajos van a hacer, llamar a la policia del internet? El internet es internacional y si a la persona le da la maldita gana de hablar en otro idioma pues que se joda, ignorenlo y sigan.

Los americanos tienen unos cojones bien grandes. Porque las personas de otros paises tienen que aprender ingles y no ellos aprenden otros idiomas?

showtimefolks1836d ago

what i hate the most about this MGS is we will have to wait a long long time before we get the main game, but what i love is the fact we can get a taste of what's to come

in a way Kojima will also see how the reception is for new features in MHS so he can tweak or make changes for the final game

sinspirit1836d ago

It's funny because in many of his posts it seems like he is trying to make a passive or positive comment that he expects most people to agree with so he can earn bubbles back but it turns out the opposite.

liquidhalos1835d ago

Did you find a hidden video on the site of the game running "nice and smooth"

I dont know if you clicked the link but i think you will find its just a pic of the game tile on the PS4 dashboard and a splash screen...... Nothing smooth about pictures of pictures.

On another note, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont be delayed, im so excited for this, i havent had the pleasure of playing a MGS game since MGS2 (i know i know) /me hangs his head in shame

Wizard_King1835d ago

MGS2 was probably the least best MGS game.

For the love of god go out and acquire a copy of MGS3 already.

Murad1835d ago

Umm, I hope you're joking. GoP beat MGS 2 like it was a joke.

Tetsujin1835d ago

I can see Kojima pulling the ultimate troll move:

Kiefer starts to talk, clears throat, then David Hayter continues.


Can't wait for GZ in March.

Bobby Kotex1835d ago

Are you the guy who writes those weird warning labels?

zippycup1835d ago

thats not a kinect thats the ps4 camera

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Hatsune-Miku1836d ago

i cant wait for this game. buying it day one.

bessy671836d ago

I'm going to wait and see. Everything I've read basically points to this being a $40 demo for Phantom Pain.

Outside_ofthe_Box1836d ago

It's not a demo. It was suppose to be part of MGSV as a full game for $60, but Koji decided to release Ground Zeros as a separate game in attempt to satisfy impatient fans.

Good thing I'm not impatient. I will wait for the FULL game for $60.

JetsFool35001836d ago

@bessy & its more than likely gonna end with a cliffhanger

Mega241835d ago

its supposed to, its a prologue to the Phantom Pain, so its supposed to be a cliffhanger.

OrangePowerz1836d ago

Probably the first MGS i won't buy on launch. I will wait for the complete edition that contains the full game.

ZodTheRipper1836d ago

I thought so too before I realized that I won't be able to resist once it's released.
And I think the same will happen to most of you one day.
It's MGS after all of the big reasons I didn't quit gaming yet.

Thatlalala1835d ago

Gamefly, Redbox, Family Video. Will not buy, but definitely will play. With Snake Eater in my top three, I'll eat anything "Metal Gear".

DCfan1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Same thign here. Im not gonna pay that much on a glorified demo, even if its MGS.

asyouburn1836d ago

I agree with you, but the nanosecond this hits retail, I'm not gonna be able to help myself

MasterCornholio1836d ago

I love his games but he really is pulling off a dick move with this one.

Kennytaur1835d ago

I don't have such patience, it's a lead in to Phantom Pain, not a demo, so it could take a year or more after PP releases before a combo is out. That's a long spoilerfilled time.

Thatlalala1835d ago

Thought Ground Zeros was already announced to be included with the Phantom Pain? I may be wrong.

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Conzul1836d ago

Never played any of the MGS games :(

SockeyBoy1836d ago

Dude I'm in the same boat :/ I actually got the Bleem!cast version the other day. So I'll fire it up sometime this week :D

SockeyBoy1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )


The Bleem!cast was a disc based emulator you could buy for the Dreamcast. It would run specific PSone titles on the DC it would also upscale them as well. Sony actually took them to court and lost. Not many games released on the Bleemcast though, they had 100+ games in the pipeline but they had to shut down because of court costs :( I think the games released where MGS, Tekken 3, Gran Turismo 2, and Parappa the Rapper was nearly done.

gigoran1836d ago

Lost? Hmmm... I was alive and thriving in games when that was around and the story was a little different than that. Bleamcast was cool and all, but they shut down for a reason.

Also, the official releases were not the only ones. It was cracked and made available for a lot of other psone games.

SockeyBoy1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )


Yes Sony lost the case to Bleem...twice. Wouldn't matter if you were 12 or 85 the information is available with a simple google search.

And yeah a half-job emulator was cracked and made available for other PSone games, but most of them are unplayable due to missing cut scenes, graphical glitches, sound errors, and the saving option non existent.

Murad1835d ago

Umm, how can you be on the same boat as him :P. Also, have fun, the games are friggin amazing, I do however suggest that you skip portable ops+, that game is a waste of time.

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CrossingEden1836d ago

At this point it's probably too late and you're better off watching videos that explain the story. Specifically the ones concerning big boss. This is a good place to start with.

Metallox1836d ago

I find hilarious that it's too late to start playing some games of a video game franchise.

MysticStrummer1836d ago

"At this point it's probably too late…"

Yeah, what with it being the end of time and all.


Conzul1836d ago

Maybe I should just try and wait for some of them to show up on PsNow.


ziggurcat1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

@ conzul:

just pick up the MGS legendary collection. it has all of the MGS games (with the exception of a few of the PSP games).

edit: it'd be the perfect edition to get for anyone who hasn't played any MGS games.

pkb791835d ago

I have tried playing them a few times and could never get onto them. controls are always overly complicated and unintuitive and game play gets repetitive quick.
If I want 2 hours cutscenes ill put Xenosaga in my PS2.

Murad1835d ago

Go play them, like right now. It's only going to take about 100 hours to finish Peace Walker and Portable Ops, but other than that, it's a amazing 40 hours journey through the best cinematic experience in the history of the world.

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Rowco1471836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Surprised this game will actually run on xbox one!

Metallox1836d ago

Yeah, especially considering the game it's coming to Xbox 360 and PS3.

Rowco1471835d ago

Really! Wow.. thats great news