Best Buy: This Year's Grinch

The retailer cancels Web preorders for the PlayStation 3 because the offer was a mistake, it says. But what about the children?

Blake Lane, a 13-year-old from Irvine, Calif., couldn't have been more thrilled when his dad told him that he would soon have one of the much-coveted PlayStation 3 game consoles from Sony (SNE). PlayStation 3 will be released on Nov. 17, and Blake has been anticipating the system's release for a year now, ever since it was first announced. Gary Lane, his dad, gave him the good news that he had preordered it on the Web from Best Buy (BBY) on Nov. 4, after Blake got back from a friend's birthday party. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," a thrilled Blake told his dad, hugging him.

Three days later, excitement turned to disappointment. Best Buy, on Nov. 7, sent an e-mail explaining that the order had been canceled and that "our system was not intended to take preorders on the PlayStation 3 gaming system." Best Buy says that it will offer the new PlayStations only in its stores on the day it is released. The electronics retailer won't say how many preorders had been placed, but said it was an errant posting. "We want to make sure that we have the most units available on launch day," says Best Buy spokesman Jay Musolf. "We want to express our apologies and have offered the customers a $10 coupon."

Ten bucks? That won't do much to console a heartbroken Blake. "How can they do that?" he asks. Blake is likely one of thousands of disappointed shoppers who had their hopes dashed. Some customers are lodging complaints with the Better Business Bureau. "If I were Best Buy, I would honor the orders-I mean, do you really want your shoppers to have a bad experience where they wouldn't want to shop there again?" asks Ken Godskind, vice-president of sales and marketing for, a Web performance measurement company in Coconut Creek, Fla. "Customers have the same expectations from online shopping as from a brick-and-mortar store, where such customers are usually made whole on such glitches."

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Maddens Raiders4452d ago

Why the hell people are camping out two weeks ahead of launch and risking injuries "against doctors orders" for this system. WTFIGO ??????

TheMART4452d ago

He must be glad man.

For real he must cheer his heart out.

He has just been saved from buying the greatest mistake after the Betamax has been released.

Invest it wise this time. Get a 360 with the game of the year Gears of War, if its too bloody for the 13 year old get him Viva Piniata. In both cases the best buy for consoles

beans4452d ago

He will be alright even though I know it kind of sucks! People that don't get a PS3 at launch need not worry anyway because there launch lineup is constantly shrinking and we probably won't see any must have games until late 2007 to 2008 anyway!

Monchichi0254452d ago

Dad is gonna be unable to buy his son a PS3 this christmas so on his last desperate visit to the store a salesman is gonna convince him to buy a 360 instead. AND BOY WILL BE HAPPY!!


I can't stress how good this game is!!!!

Scythesean4452d ago

Or worrying about anything to do with the PS3 anyway? Why are you not playing your game of the year? Have you beat it already or just become bord with it? If your at work shouldn't you be working rather then talking on a gaming site?

ElementX4452d ago

Crying to daddy for a PS3 when he won't even be able to purchase games by himself. Ha! No crab killing for Blake. Who cares about rich snobs anyway? My parents never threw away money on me like that.

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