ESRB Watch: Suikoden Rated For PSN

The rare and memorable first installment in Konami's long-running Suikoden RPG series may make an appearance on PSN in the near future, if a recent listing on the ESRB's website is any indicator.

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TheKungFool3867d ago

1) The value of my original mint copy will drop

2) I'm more interested in some news about Suikoden VI for PS3

This is however great news for gamers.
Great old-school JRPG and it'll be a steal for the price.

ikiru33853867d ago


TheDarkHado3867d ago! Please let this be true, have not played for 10 years.

Angelitos3867d ago

Can anyone tell me whats so big about this game. Besides that its rare and konamis first?