Kevin Hart Shows His Gaming Side At Ride Along Xperience

Anthony Frasier of The Koalition writes:
Last week we got the opportunity to experience a gaming lounge hosted by Universal Pictures and Konsole Kingz to celebrate the movie Ride Along. It was a great time, and inspired me to think: Why don't we have more lounge gaming experiences more often? We don't have to celebrate anything, just get together over food, drinks, and the latest games.

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MrKennedy1865d ago

This is a great article about Kevin Hart playing games.

memots1864d ago

who is Kevin Hart and why should we care ?

FunAndGun1864d ago

Kevin Hart is a comedian and you don't have to care.

blakstarz1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

If you dont care to know, then why comment dummy! Anyway...definitely would like to get game sessions in with him, his friends list is probably full.

AceBlazer131864d ago

Alright, alright, alriiight

How do you not know hart?

Dinkis1864d ago

Wow! Kevin is one of the dopest comedians out there. You should check him out

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