SF film writer explains Chun-Li focus

Street Fighter movie writer Justin Marks has said he picked Chun-Li as the focus because films are about unexpected heroes, and not so he could have a "blatantly sexualised female lead".

He acknowledges that Ryu and Ken are "the muscle" of the familiar series, but says Chun-Li is the "heart and soul" because her father was taken from her; she is the little girl that everyone wrote off.

The part of Chun-Li will be played by lovely Smallville [and Edgemont - Dep Ed] star Kristin Kreuk, but Justin Marks sees her in more of a Ripley from Aliens role than any-of-them from Dead or Alive.

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Fishy Fingers3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Plus hot chick gets more arse's in seats.

Skerj3814d ago

Too bad the movie is going to suck.

Kakkoii3814d ago

To bad that's a biased view and shouldn't be said until you've seen the movie. And even then it's a matter of personal preference.

Not all movies based on video games are bad.

Fishy Fingers3814d ago

Think I'm probably gonna go with skerj on this one. but you never know.

One thing that I kind of like is casting Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog.


Skerj3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I'm a Street Fighter fan of the biggest proportions (I know more about the story and universe than anyone should), but I can see BS when it's coming. This movie is going to be one in the long line of horrible video game movies.

Honestly I hope it's not because it looks like they're at least trying to stick to some source material for once, but that still doesn't change my view (and possible outcome) of this film until it proves otherwise.

TheDarkHado3814d ago

I'm a huge street fighter and DBZ fan and i mean HUGE. With that said both movies will absolute Garbage. If They were making a CG DBZ movie id be bouncing off the walls. Look, Chun li is a side character, thats like making a spiderman movie with harry osborne as the lead hero does not make sense. Ryu and Ken are the hero's of the street fighter universe. All i can say is Street Fighter The Movie.

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DragonKnight3814d ago

Is NOT a good choice for Chun Li. I've said that in the beginning, and I'll always say that.

You want a good choice, check this girl out.

Ureval3814d ago

This Justin Marks guy reminds me of Uwe Boll...

Kakkoii3813d ago

Was that a joke?

Cause if your serious... I really can't do anything but laugh...

...I really hope that was a joke lol.

Chuck Norris3813d ago

You're comparing Kristin Kreuk with that? LOL

Ri0tSquad3814d ago

Oh well, I'll wait and find out.

sumfood4u3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Who ever wrote it oviously never played the game in their life! Can't front i still watch it for Humor from time to time! Guile is a BadA$$ but hes not Hero, Ryu & Ken are the Leading Roles! Also MK movie messed up killing Lu Kang the MK Hero WTF? I just hope this movie will rock if not i'll have 2 back 2 back funny A$$ SF movies!

P.S. Any True Street Fighter Fan Knows the story starts & ends with "RYU" Nuff Said!

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